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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another 1/48th Challenge.....and a fair on Monday!

Over the last week or so I had planned (hoped) to make about four 1/12th dolls, feather some more scruffy parrots, paint a pony, make a saddle and complete orders that would be collected at the fair at Thame on Monday.....

....well I feathered the parrots, completed the order for a little old 1/24th sailor and even made and feathered a couple of seagulls to go with him. I did paint the pony but he still needs a rider and the 1/12th dolls are still only heads and hands. You may see them anon, as they say....

Close-up of the 1/12th parrots

Then......... other half presented me with further 1/48th challenges from the depths of his shed (sorry - workshop). The tiny little trunk needed trimming with leather bindings and 'brass studs', and the unbelievable, folding deckchairs needed canvas seats - VERY fiddly - but I could hardly complain, could I?

A Victorian 'Whatnot' in 1/48th scale did stop me in my tracks though. Between us we have made and filled our Whatnots in 1/12th and 1/24th scales for years, and I enjoy making tiny teapots, and turning beads and odds and bits into ornaments and using real miniature shells and stones to decorate them - but this was something else! I admit I considered it an impossible undertaking - then over several hours it slowly turned into something special. Just for once I don't even mind if I don't sell it!

This is horribly long - so, thanks for looking - and thanks for the encouragement in following my blog.


Susan said...

Oh my, you've outdone yourself with the wotnot....I daren't even add an exclamation mark for fear of blowing it away :)

I have to say though, the deckchairs and occupant make me smile, they're wonderful.

julie campbell said...

not horribly long at all robin, a real eye candy post !
the watnot is truly amazing and I love the little lady on the deck chair and the sailor,but best of all the parrots, they are brilliant !
good luck at the fair,

julie xxx

Jayne said...

Your son says don't you like your eyesight then? Lovely though, really enjoying the updates! It's inspiring me to post something new.

KT MIniatures said...

Lets just say, having seen the weeny whatnots in the "flesh" today, they are so amazingly and wonderfully microscopic, I needed glasses to see them and I'm actually short sighted! Fantastic!!!

Clara said...

¡Cuanto has trabajado! Los loros son una preciosidad, el exito está asegurado en la feria. esta entrada la has llenado de cosas muy bien hechas. Me encantan.
Besos Clara.

Ascension said...

Me ha encantado encontrar tu blog, tienes trabajos espectaculares, enhorabuena!!.
Mucha suerte en la feria.
besitos ascension