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Friday, August 13, 2010

NEW - 1/48th characters and furniture

I've been messing about with 'prototype' 1/48th characters for some months now, mostly in response to some lovely collectors of my 1/24th little people, who have been seduced by the super 1/48th houses that are becoming more available. 1/24th scale is challenging but fun - whereas 1/48th is challenging - so I kept abandoning the idea.

I haven't reached the 'fun' bit yet but I am pleased to have finally created the first ones.

Apart from creating enough detail in both sculpture and costuming, I wanted them to be as poseable as the two larger scales characters I make. My hand was rather forced by my other half - the furniture-maker of the team - when he presented me with a chest of drawers, bureau, tallboy/wardrobe and bed in 1/48th scale!!
So after much huffing and puffing I have made them and they can sit up and down and wave their arms about!!

They measure just under 1 1/2" tall, and being so tiny are a little hard to 'stage' and photograph as well as I would like - so apologies for the blutak. Anyway I hope you'll be interested to see both the new little characters and the furniture. Both will be on sale from 30th August - first of all at our next fair. This is the Dolly's Daydreams Dollhouse Fair at Thame Leisure Centre, Thame, Oxon. on Bank Holiday Monday - 30th August.
Thanks for looking folks!


julie campbell said...

1/48 th scale ........OMG !
Robin you have somehow pulled it off and these look like wonderful little characters. It is mind bogglingly tiny but they look great.

julie xxxx

Susan said...

Oh my stars, your people are adorable, the furniture is amazing too!! You wouldn't know either were such a tiny scale.

joy said...

They are so sweet. You have even managed a pair of glasses on one :) I think shes my favorite.

Your husbands very clever too xx