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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tudor to the Twenties.....1/24th again

About four hundred years separate my new 1/24th characters - and I know which century sounds the more comfortable!

Wearing coarse, woven fabric clothing and long days spent serving the master or mistress - sweeping and lugging heavy wooden buckets about - can't have much appeal for these Tudor servants.

On the other hand, Sir 'Tim' Birkin was not only wealthy and distinguished but A British Racing Car Driver of the 1920s - one of the famous "Bentley Boys".

I am making a series of racing car drivers of the early 1900s for a special customer; Sir "Tim" Birkin is the latest character and in this case was a real person. I was provided with a photograph of a super painting of the gentleman, to help in reproducing him, and I am most grateful to the owner of both the photograph and the orginal painting for kindly allowing me to use it in this picture.
The miniature Sir "Tim" is now displayed standing alongside an equally miniature version of his original Bentley car in a private collection.


KT MIniatures said...

Really love how you seem to have captured the character of Sir Tim and love his outfit too!Celia

Ascension said...

Un trabajo genial!!!!
A tamaƱo 1/24, debe ser dificilisimo que se vean tan reales.
Feliz fin de semana.
besitos ascension

Mary Williams said...

He's fabulous Robin, such an attitude!

Mary x

Janine Crocker said...

Dashing! You have made a wonderful job of him Robin!