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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vintage Toy 'Triang' Mangle - Toys and Children - Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair Saturday 27th February.

One of the great pleasures of working in miniature is creating something completely different.  Everything we make is always designed and handmade by us and inspired by real characters,  real furniture and real accessories - very often with a vintage slant.  We hope if you are coming along to The Thame Fair we hope you'll enjoy looking at our work.

The Little Vintage Toyshop Workshops last year, created and run  with my friend and Nostalgia in Miniature partner Celia Thomas of KTMiniatures gave us huge scope for designing and creating vintage toys which, to our delight, have been much admired. One of those was a 1/12th scale 1930s toy 'Triang' mangle, together with a tiny washboard and tub - we've never seen another in miniature. A super challenge to design and make and I hope you'll agree that it looks 'right'. I made just one extra and it will be on the Coombe Crafts Stand at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair together with a few other 'vintage' toys.

It occurs to me that although the mangle is a 1/12th scale toy - it would probably work well in a 'grown-up' 1/24th scullery!! Now there's a thought.

I never seem to have time to make enough 1/24th children - this time I've only managed three, but of course I'm always only too happy to take orders for them.  I also popped a couple of 'babies' into their high chairs - here again they'd work well as toys in a 1/24th scale nursery. I've also pictured the children with toys in the same scale - aged toy pram with dolly, and push along truck again with a dolly and a more up to date nursery toys group.

We had a giggle about District Nurses and our memories of them in Comments on the last, yes I titivated 1/24th scale commercially made bike with the addition of a little basket and covered the saddle with a bit of old jumper for comfort. I'm sure Nurse would be happy to wobble about on it, and while I was at it, one for the delivery boy at 'Fletchers,' the local Grocer's shop.

Times they are-a-changing, and Coombe Crafts is making the biggest change for many years having decided to stop making our handmade 1/24th and 1/48th scale furniture -  we finished with 1/12th a year or so ago.  When we first made the 1/24th original pieces there was very little available in the U.K. and it was very much in response to our lovely customers.  The addition of 1/48 was much the same - however, my brilliant other half in the shed (Whoops - The Workshop) now has arthriticky hands (ahhhhh...)and means it's time to call it a day. 
I'm afraid no further commissions can be undertaken and all remaining stock will be reduced in price, first of all at the upcoming fair. Afterwards I'll spend time gradually listing remaining stock and post that first on our Blog.
Some of the 1/24th scale Furniture
1/24th Furniture and a few of the dolls
I know many of our lovely, lovely customers will be as sad as us and we do of course welcome enquires at any time regarding the items that we may still have in our boxes or lurking in the workshop.

1/48th scale - sorry, not a clever photograph - forgot about the mirror effect....
We're on Stand Number 37 at the far end of the main hall near the exit - with lots of other lovely artisans nearby.  For full details of the fair - click
If you're coming to the fair,  do come and say 'hello' - and if you'd like to know more about our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops, the latest project 'The Little 1900s German Style Shop' will be on either our stand or KTMiniatures (Celia Thomas) who is just next to us!!  We're both happy to tell you all about it. 
In addition, due to lack of storage space in our respectives homes we shall have a couple of original projects for sale - a tiny 1/24th scale Arbour and the 1/12th 'Let's Go Camping' project. Details and pictures of both are on our Nostalgia in Miniature Website

Thank you for looking


KT Miniatures said...

Looking forward to seeing all these "in the flesh" on Saturday Robin. Shame about the furniture but can understand why you have taken the decision. You have quite some items there to sell!!! Celia

Ilona said...

Such a pity that I can't see these new characters and all of your miniature works in person, Robin. It must be so fun to see those wonderful creatures of you.....
I love the new kids you've made and their toys, great work :D!
I laughed reading about the District Nurses, great you've made a bicycle for them, so funny!!
Hugs, Ilona

Donna S said...

I just wanted to say that I hope you have a lovely day at the Fair and that you sell lots of your goodies. Lucky people to be able to go and meet you and Celia in person.

Shirley said to send her love and to say her brother is very ill in Australia but she will be in touch soon.


Robin said...

I do wish Illona and Donna and other lovely 'overseas' friends could be at Thame as well - it would be lovely to meet you all. Thanks for your good wishes - Celia and I will have a lovely day I'm sure.

Thanks for the message Donna - love to Shirley xx.