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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

VERY TINY Posh frocks and braces....

Just back from a brief holiday  - not exactly perfect timing with a fair around the corner - but I have now almost finished the tiny posh frocks and little gents in shirts and braces.  So, we do now have a selection of teeny tiny 1/4th characters  for our COOMBE CRAFTS stand.

To go with the monks and Tudors pictured on the last blog with the little policeman, I've been dressing ladies and gents that will work well in a whole different variety of homes. 

Here are a few of the modern ladies in modern skirts and cardigans and the long frocks from an earlier period.
Gents, as I've mentioned before have far less exciting clobber, so although there are chaps in modern jumpers, the shirt sleeves and suit are very versatile.

All my character dolls - including these tiny ones are unique with individually sculpted faces and hands and are fully pose-able.  The little people in the tray are waiting for earrings and buttons etc - but they will be there!!

THE THAME DOLLS HOUSE AND MINIATURE FAIR is on 27th February at Thame Leisure Centre  - full details of all the artisans attending - with links to their websites and photographs of their work are now on the Fair Website - do take a look.  We hope to see you there - always a lovely day.

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Elizabeth S said...

Looking at all of your little folk turned topsy turvy as they await the final finishing, makes me giggle! They are all so tiny and so full of personality and each one of them looks FRIENDLY! and like you would be pleased to meet and then to know, each one of them. :D

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! You already know that I love your little people and although they are so tiny they all have their own personality, very clever of you :)!
Good luck on the fair!
Hugs, Ilona

Robin said...

I reckon that miniature characters should look as if they've got a bit of 'personality' if possible don't you?....Thank you for your kind comments Illona and Elizabeth, I've just started on a few in 1/2th scale - up a scale it's all a little easier. Lol