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Monday, February 15, 2016

To Beard Or Not to Beard....That Is The Question.

We had a mini discussion about 'character' in miniature dolls after the last blog which featured 1/48th scale.  Since then I've been working on 1/24th characters and I do find they have minds of their own!!

Although all the dolls are created individually, I am inclined to sculp a 'batch' at a time - it's just easier that way when it comes to baking!!  I generally have a clear idea of some of the characters I will need, and then I let the clay dictate who else comes out, and new characters will appear.

So...Thame Fair in less than two weeks (Yikes)......I figured another old retired sailor  in 1/24th scale should be on the stand - he's a popular character and although each is a little different, 'he' has been around for ***years in a variety of scales.
Off I go - I think I've got the perfect head from my 'spare' batch - rosy cheeks, right height, right trousers on, old jumper for hair and beard before his old cap is attached.
BUT - he's got such a cheery face that the beard looks all wrong. My old sailors always have beards.....I call up expert advice....after considered study of the happy chappy it is decided! No beard! The first ever Coombe Crafts Old Sailor not to have a beard....O.K. so it's not exactly ground-breaking. LOL.

Another favourite is Meg the Pedlar lady - she hasn't been around for a while and has been such fun to create - not least filling her basket with ribbons and laces to sell at the fair and titivating her old black hat.

One of the other ladies heading for Thame Fair is our District Nurse with her trusty bag. Once I'd given her that rather severe grey 'perm', she demanded some spectacles.  I could hardly refuse. I'm sure a heart of gold beats beneath that sensible navy mac'.  Otherwise of course we will have a variety of other ladies and gents looking for lovely new homes.

Next time....small children......a replica vintage toy mangle, washtub and of the small scales furniture sale.  Back to work then....

Thanks for looking


Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Robin, Your old sailor is wonderful. Maybe he shaved just before setting sail out to sea. Your ladies look wonderful, too! Have a great fair, I wish I could attend!

Elizabeth S said...

It is so funny what facial hair can do as far as visually adjusting a doll. Your rosy cheeked fellow looks very pleased that his fair and happy face is visible for all the world to see, so Go with it! :D YOur ladies are very cute too and I especially like the District Nurse. She looks very efficient. Have a grand time at the fair Robin and I hope the weather is dry enough to have a Great turnout! :D

KT Miniatures said...

You have given me a titter Robin, what are you like! I shall look forward to seeing your beardless sailor chappy next week! I think my most favourite has to be your District Nurse. who does she remind me of I wonder?! Celia

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! I'm shocked: a old sailor WITHOUT a beard, no, I'm just kidding LOL :D! You're right: he looks fabulous and very handsome with his rosy cheeks and NO beard ;)!
Both of your ladies are wonderful, but I think the District Nurse is more of my liking. Because I do remember the one who raced on her moped through our village about 40 years ago, she looked a bit like your fantastic doll here on your blog :)!
I wish you lots of success and fun for the fair!
Hugs, Ilona

Robin said...

Illona - she reminds me of Nurse Else who raced around on a bicycle and helped herself to the plums on our tree...thinks... might have to find her a bike before Thame!

Maybe the old sailor HAS had a order to attract a certain District Nurse???? Now there's a thought!
Thanks for kind remarks and good wishes.

Ilona said...

Thanks Robin, you made me laugh out loud with your District Nurse helping herself to the plums of your tree LOL ;)! You've made my day/evening!

jenann said...

Isn't it strange how we have begun to believe that fishermen should have beards? So few of the ones I used to annoy when I was in Whitby as a child actually had one. Could it be Captain Bird's Eye syndrome? I love this little chap's fresh and visible complexion!

We may need to borrow your very kindly but ifficient midwife - they are in short supply here, leaving my poor daughter in law with no idea which birth centre or hospital she will have to get to when the baby decides to make his first moves towards making an appearance in three weeks or so.

The little pedlar lady is a cutey. Wouldn't a niature fair scene with these little size characters be fun? I love them all.