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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Miss Clare's Garden

Miss Clare is a retired school teacher - a gentle and rather lovely lady - and a fictional character from the books by "Miss Read".  She has a small garden attached to her cottage where she grows vegetables and flowers.  I imagine her cooking healthy lunches and making chutney from the extra produce, picking flowers to brighten up the cosy sitting room and feeding the birds each morning .
It has been a positive delight to create this little 1/24th scale garden commission, which is only 9" x 4 1/2" and which will butt against the greenhouse at the back of Miss Clare's cottage.  'Miss Clare' herself was created a while ago and lives in the very pretty cottage as you can see. 

Miss Clare can be seen in my Blog on 20th July 2014. Click on the pictures for a bigger version.

What has also been fun has been the two-way dialogue/discussion/gossip I've had with Shirley who commissioned the garden!!
It helped that I had read the books as well and we're both familiar with the kind of gardens that would fit with the stories.It also helped that we both felt an element of 'quirky' was a definite must.

Obviously we had to grow the vegetables and flowers mentioned in the book - although a degree of artistic has been employed, to say the least! Anyway we both enjoyed endlessly discussing where the brick path and hedge should go and whether or not we could fit in some sunflowers. The little rabbit has sneaked through a gap in the hedge and has an eye on those newly pulled carrots, while a robin and blue tit are feeding at the super bird table made by my chum Celia Thomas.
You'll need good eyesight to spot two little butterflies but I did draw the line at a 1/24th scale ladybird!

The garden has now been installed and Miss Clare seems happy  - very many thanks to Shirley for sending the  following pictures of it with Miss Clare and her cat Tom, and allowing me to share them with you.

It's been lots of fun to create and I hope you've enjoyed  it too.
Thank you for looking


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh how I love this whole scene! The new garden really adds to the story of Miss Clare and her cottage. Love the well worn brick path and all the cheerful plantings. Lucky Miss Clare to have such a brilliant design team :)

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! I LOVE this little garden that you have made. It looks quite charming and I love the rows of cabbages and the up-rooted carrots; a great touch! The brick path gives just the right amount of hard surface to the garden and the old apple tree anchors it, and provides fruit as well as shade.
Please pass on to Miss Clare, my high praise for her cottage garden and tell her that I shall be back again soon and hope to try some of that Chutney that you mentioned earlier.
I LOVE a good home grown chutney! :D

KT Miniatures said...

I have been lucky enough to see this tiny garden "in the flesh". It is truly exquisite and quite extraordinary. It looks absolutely perfect next to Miss Clare's cottage! Celia

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! Although I'm unknown with the books/story I think that this garden is absolutely perfect for the cottage. Everything you need is there, wow, you did a great job on the veggies and the flowers!
I love the photos of Miss Clare, her cat, the garden and the cottage together, it is a beautiful sight :D!!
Have a nice day.

jenann said...

Oh, Robin! It is enchanting! This had brightened a cold March day for me.

I began reading Miss Read's books when I was in my last year at primary school and have them all here, ready to dip into when I need a comfort read.
Miss Clare and 'Little Miss Foggerty' were two of the greatest influences on my decision to train as a teacher. Miss Read (Dora Saint) was my introduction to an interest in psychology - her characters are real studies in human behaviour.

This is the most beautiful representation of Miss Clare's garden. I'm going back to look for Miss Clare herself.

Jenni xxx

Robin said...

I'm quite overwhelmed, and of course thrilled , with all your very lovely comments. Thank you - you've made my day!! (And probably Miss Clare's too)

PILAR6373 said...

Me encanta como te ha quedado,la fila de hortalizas y plantas es encantador,el camino de ladrillos envejecidos le da un toque muy realista,enhorabuena,buen trabajo!!!!

Dave Williams said...

Robin, it looks magnificent, top marks on this one.

carmen said...

me encanta!