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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just A Perfect Scene - In 1/48th Scale

We've taken a break since the Thame Fair to visit family 'up North' - which was super - so the post-fair stock is still boxed and unchecked - but I had the most delightful pictures in my Inbox which I'm so pleased to be able to share with you. Thank you so much Pam.

I have managed to dig out the 1/48th characters that are still for sale so if you're expecting to hear from me I'll try not to keep you all waiting much longer.

 In the meantime do enjoy these pictures from Pam Junk  I know many of you already know her amazing work in this especially challenging scale and I'm sure you'll agree that this scene is just about perfect!!
Click on the pictures to see them in even more detail.

Pam tells me that it was created for a MiniAllSorts Yahoo Group challenge - a house on or under a hill.  Believe it or not she did it in an antique treadle sewing machine drawer, to illustrate her adapted version of the nursery rhyme 'The Old Woman Who Lives Under the Hill'. Her version is glued onto the back.
I just love it, and of course am very thrilled that a couple of my little old people feature in Granny's Day Care.

 Next urgent 'job' is with Celia - my workshop partner - to bring our latest 'How To' feature for Dolls House and Miniature  Scene Magazine to completion, proof read and double check pictures (more than once) by the weekend!
Then I'll get to unpacking and sorting.

The magazine celebrates its 250th birthday with the March issue which is out now, and there's a special Birthday Prize Draw that  contributors, artisans publishers and supported have contributed lots of great prizes to. Coombe Crafts is one  -  a 1/24th scale WW1 soldier, but take a look at them all in the double page spread and get your entry in  by March 26th.

Thank you for looking


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! I can see why you are enamored with Pam Junk's drawer! It is really Amazing how much detail that she manages to shrink down and make come Alive! Granny's Day Care is GREAT! :D

PILAR6373 said...

Realmente preciosa y detallada la escena,gracias por mostrarla!!!!

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! This miniature work of Pam is amazing, so much detailed miniatures together in such a small space! They makes that the story comes alive, wonderful! Thank you for sharing this picture and the link :)!
Hugs, Ilona

Robin said...

I knew you'd all love Pam's very special scene as much as me!