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Monday, March 16, 2015

Busy In The Garden

A burst of Spring at the weekend saw me having a proper dig in my full sized garden...actually it was more of a hack back and drag it out! In between I've been working on a lovely commission for another garden - this one being somewhat smaller!

After a brief burst of sun and warmth....when I went hacking and dragging out an ancient purple sage bush which had even overrun the lawn's raining again!

Never mind, I've indulged myself and taken pictures of some of my orchids which are brightening up the conservatory in defiance of the grey skies outside. A great many of these are pretty old 'rescued' plants - I find it hard to resist a half price plant if I think I can revive it, especially if it's an orchid. Hope you'll like them too.

When the little miniature garden is finished and delivered to its new owner I shall be happy to share pictures with you.
Thank you for looking


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin!
I really admire your willingness to take on an orchid as I have no luck with them at all- EVER! But, every single plant of yours looks Happy, Healthy and Beautiful! :D
I am really looking forward to seeing the mini garden that you have made. Getting your hands dirty in the miniature garden is a good way to get yourself all fired up for the full-sized gardening, wouldn't you agree? :D

Ilona said...

Well, these 'half priced' orchids revived and how!! They look awesome, you really have 'green fingers', Robin :D!
Here we had beautiful spring weather about 10 days ago, but then it went colder again. So, I also stopped working in my RL garden, but we can be sure that.....spring WILL come ;O!!
Wishing you a nice week!
Hugs, Ilona

KT Miniatures said...

Gorgeous pics Robin. Looking forward to seeing the little miniature garden! Celia

Robin said...

I have to say having just finished the miniature garden I'm torn between really wanting to do another.... and desperate to get out into my big one!
Glad you like the orchid pics - pure indulgence on my part I'm afraid. I'm a sucker for a bargain and adore orchids so it's win win for me.
Hope to show you the little one soonish.

Donna S said...

Oh, the orchids are so gorgeous. I have never had the nerve to try my hand as everyone says they are so difficult togrow.

I look forward to seeing the small scale one. I bet it will be lovely too.

Robin said...

I really don't think orchids are hard to grow - have a go Donna - and they're getting cheaper to buy.
The best thing to remember is to never overwater or leave them sitting in water. Easy!