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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1/24th Characters Available To Purchase

I am finally getting my act together and sorting out after the fair - today I can show you some 1/24th scale characters that would be very happy in new homes.
The tiny 1/48th characters that came back with us have now  found new homes so I have to make some more, rather sooner than later. 

Anyway, may I introduce this lovely old couple, who while not actually a pair look so well together.  Her long frock does rather determine that she's not a modern lady, but her friend  could fit in many periods - as we all know the poor chaps don't get great changes in their outfits.

The footballer isn't exactly David judge by his long shorts and brown leather ball he was around a few decades before.  However, with those fetching shorts he could be a modern Dad playing in the Dad's Sunday League  - just give him a new ball!

Fag Ash Lil' is probably my best known and oldest character - she comes in all sizes and changes her outfits all the she is again, alongside P.C. 49 and a rather younger lady.

Three chaps come next and are all versatile enough to fit into a whole variety of settings and houses - followed by a little girl and her big brother.

All the dolls pictured are £20 - £25, individually sculpted and fully poseable. Please email if you'd like one of the dolls, or more details.

Meanwhile - the sun is out, the sky is blue and a whole host of gorgeous dainty flowers are blooming in my garden, and probably yours too!  Do you think Spring has come??

Thank you for looking


Ilona said...

Wonderful dolls, Robin! I especially like your famous character of Fag Ash Lil, who is smoking her cigaret, but they all look great. I'm sure they will have new owners soon :D!
Spring has arrived here too, the birds are whistling the whole day, males are hunting for females and they are very busy with building nests, like my mallard on my blog LOL ;)! Last weekend we had two sunny days, yesterday it was the sky was grey, but today it was sunny again for a few hours, love it :D!!
Hug, Ilona

Robin said...

Thanks Ilona. Your mallard and her nest of eggs, and that wonderful tree is just truly fabulous.

The grandmommy said...

It should be just a matter of time before they all find new homes. They are adorable!

Donna S said...

Hi Robin:
Just love your array of little people! Is the young lad available still? The one pictured with his sister? I purposely waiting awhile to see if anyone else wanted him.
We are getting warmth & sun in Canada finally so our snow is slowly melting! Yaaay!

Robin said...

The little lad is still there Donna - I'll email you. He must have been waiting for you.