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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Going On.....?

Well - that seems a fairly appropriate question ask about our summer for a start!!!
I really didn't need to be told that we've now had the 'longest day'....that it's only so many days to Christmas....that I'm not as up-to-date as I'd hoped with outstanding commissions (sorry folks). ....that I haven't welcomed New Followers - (sorry folks), you're really welcome.

                                              Patty's Plum - Oriental Poppy   

However - on the bright side - if you ignore the fact that the wet (soaking wet) and warm weather has created lush weed growth in the garden, it looks really lovely!! I think the flowering plants and shrubs are just about beating the weeds and I love it. I'll resist the temptation to fill this blog with pictures of flowers...

 The rose is 'Blue For You' - it's supposed to be about 4ft tall - as you can see it's heading for 6ft!! Behind is a Cotinus - The Smoke Bush - the combination is lovely.

What's going on on the's WW2 characters at the moment....but only half made, so no pictures yet.....and a new 1/48th item being developed...
Another flower or two I think....

What's Going On in the  Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops! ....  Ah!!
What's On in the Little Vintage Hall?  - that's the title of our newest half day workshop - to be held on October 21st, here in Thame.
We know this will be lots of fun - a workshop devoted to creating a selection of 'vintage' and quirky items that can be used to 'dress' The Little Vintage Hall or The Little Vintage Hall - The Other Room - but are just as applicable if you have created your own individual scene or would like to add interesting items to an exisitng scene or house.
So - it's all about having a bit of a 'do'!

If you click on our Nostalgia in Miniature workshops link above,  all the details are there and a Booking Form - plus advance notice and dates for our Super All Day Christmas Special in Thame on November 24th and REALLY advance provisional notice of another exciting All-Day workshop at the very beautiful and popular Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire next April 7th.  That's 2013 - can't believe we're even thinking about next year!!
You are welcome to register your interest in this one now - there's already a list so if you are interested in this or any of the others you can also email me direct as soon as you like! My chum Celia - is taking a little time out to sample the delights of NHS - she'll be back soon and meanwhile her website KT Miniatures is still lovely to peruse.
By the way - we just have two places remaining on The Little Vintage Hall - The Other Room Workshop on  September 9th - details on the website.

Let's dig out the bunting and blow the rain!

Thank you for looking.


Wee Cute Treasures said...

Love the photos of your garden Robin. We are equally wet, windy and grey in Ireland - except we are not warm. Doesn't stop the weeds though. Love your village hall. Best wishes, Carol :)

Dave Williams said...

Good luck with the workshops and looking forward to seeing your new 1/48th item.