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Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Go Dutch!

I thought this was a quirky and appropriate title for this blog....then realised that it is a very 'English' expression.  For those of you who mightn't know - it just means a couple each paying their own share when going out for a meal or date. Ummm - maybe I should have thought of another! they are a 1/24th scale couple in traditional costume - or at least my interpretation of it. I admit to being slightly anxious that someone will point out a glaring error.

It was a fun commission from long-time customers and friends and made a nice change. I Googled like mad and found so many fabulous examples of the various regional costumes. Just lovely!!

I'm just back from a week away - yes it rained!! Our lawn looks like a field...with lovely daisies and clover flowers......the borders resemble a colourful jungle with everything twice as tall as it should be and falling on it's neighbour.  At least you can't see the weeds!!

Thank you for looking and a warm welcome to new Followers.


Idske said...

Very good approximation of a Dutch traditional costume from Volendam with a hint of Marken or Hindelopen! They are gorgeous!

Susan said...

Oh, they're so cute!

Robin said...

Oh thanks Idske - what a relief!
Glad you like them too Susan - it's fun to get back to 1/24th scale for a bit.

Fabiola said...

They're amzing!
Bye Faby

Ascension said...

Son una pareja fantastica, enhorabvena!!!
besitos ascension

elvira said...

Ciao!! Che belli che sono ..proprio un bel lavoro!!
Un bacio

Robin said...

Thank you all - I'm just finishing another group of 1/24th scale - quite different again. I'll show them in a day or two.