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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Work in in Australia

I blogged a week or two ago that I was working on a 1/12th family - seven individual characters which included children - to accompany grandparents I'd made for my customer some while back........

I really enjoyed creating the family - in truth very much a joint effort between me and 'the customer'. First time I've made a VERY pregnant lady, so that was fun, although I kind of know from experience the shape....
So - here's Janet - as a work in progress, 8 months pregnant, on my work bench.

And here she is again properly installed in her lovely new home in Australia, with some of her family around her on the porch. At this point I would normally thank my anonymous customer for allowing me to use her photo of Janet in situ.
However, Susan Monroe -  a genius in mini/micro knitting and crochet and with a wicked sense of humour (Do check her out) - has put up lots of super pictures of 'the family' in situ on her blog and some lovely family history, the story behind the pictures. So do take a look........... and Thanks Sus!!  Click  here for Susan

I've spent days trying to tie in and stake bushes and plants as we've had rain/winds/storms.....but these lovely pansies just waved in the winds and came up smiling.

The Jubilee weekend has been all about commemorating 60 years of service by our rained on her local shops have pulled out the stops to create spendidly appropriate displays. I spotted this super King Edward VIIIth egg cup amongst a display of commemorative Coronation ware in a local charity shop. I thought it was lovely so I bought it!

Thank you for looking.


Susan said...

Oh, what a treasure you found! Surely that egg cup would be a rarity?

Saying thanks doesn't cover the way I feel about my dollhouse family but thanks anyway! You interpreted my odds and ends of character information beautifully, I couldn't be happier.

Jennifer said...

I love the pregnant lady!

Drora's minimundo said...

I already saw this fabulous family at Susan's blog. Brilliant accomplishment! I had to smile though, pregnant forever? I still remember how much I wanted it to get over and carry my baby in my arms.
Hugs, Drora

Robin said...

Thank you all...yep - I remember feeling pregnant forever too! She was fun to make - counting up I think she must have enough children to run her ragged!

Minnie Kitchen said...

Seriously the pregnant lady is the best!!