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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Proper Mixed Bag Blog!

While we were on holiday in Yorkshire we saw this small ship Regal Lady moored in Scarborough - still taking visitors out to sea for day trips. In 1940 Regal Lady was one of the 'small ships' that went to the rescue of our soldiers from the beaches around Dunkirk. My father was one of those soldiers.
I don't know if Regal Lady will be one taking part in the Jubilee flotilla on the Thames this weekend - but I'll look out for her and the many others who will be there with pride.
Click on the image to enlarge and read the notice.

As this blog is supposed to be about miniatures, I should show you at least a couple!

A 1/12th commission of this sturdy old tea-trolley for a war time setting....

In 1/48th scale - this tiny wooden cradle has been added to our list....and I will update the 1/48th list in the Left column on this blog before much longer I promise...

Four 1/48th characters who are for sale - please contact me by email if you'd like more details of them, the cradle or of course anything else....

My lovely, and somewhat dim, cat is called Sam. He posed so beautifully I had to include him!
We have a tiny pond, and I mean TINY! However, the frogs have found it and I do believe we  have three in residence. Ony Fred popped up to say 'hello' when I was lurking with the camera - but he's sweet isn't he??
Finally I'm delighted to present the Nostalgia in Miniature video - very much courtesy of my ' Nostalgia' partner Celia Thomas, who's the techno-brains behind such modern whizzy stuff. This brings together (with lovely music so switch your sound on) all four projects in our Little Old Garden Series of Workshops - fences to sheds and and all the fun in between.
I hope you'll enjoy it.

Thank you for looking


KT Miniatures said...

All looking rather splendid Robin!! Hope you have a good old knees up over the Jubilee festivities!!!

Dave Williams said...

Well done Robin, how you do the 1/48th scale though is beyond me, truly excellent work.

jenann said...

Thank you for showing the Regal Lady too. I am a Yorkshire lass by birth and trips in these little ships sailing out of Scarborough and Bridlington were the highlight of my childhood holidays - the only thing worth leaving my little dolls house at home for!

Robin said...

I'm so pleased Regal Lady brought back happy memories - we loved our time in Yorkshire, the first time back in many years.