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Monday, May 28, 2012

More Happy Snaps

I am back at 'work', wigging the 'family' is finished and will be off to their new home any moment, and the list of  'to do' is being studied seriously.....but in the meantime, just the last few snaps!!

Like many miniaturists I'm a sucker for interesting (full sized) old buildings - my files are full of pictures of them - not to mention corners of walls, bits of roof and the like.  The following are two seen on our Yorkshire trip.

This is The Grand Hotel in Scarborough - or at least a corner of it. It was built in 1863, one of the first purpose built hotels in Europe  and at one time the largest. What is fascinating is that it was designed on the principles of Time - so the sculptures on each of the four corners represents a different season (not sure which this one is), the twelve floors represent the months, 52 chimneys - the weeks...and so on. I loved the sculptures and gothic architecture. Sadly we weren't staying there.

Whitby was full of treasures when it came to buildings tucked away up little streets and bolts and this is one - maybe it was a merchant's house once upon a time. It would be wonderful in my dreams.....

Captain Cook served his merchant seaman apprenticeship in Whitby and he is honoured by this rather fabulous statue high on the cliff looking out to sea. I do like a good statue too....not to mention the fact that I've a vested interest in this brave and interesting man and was comissioned two or three years ago to recreate him in 1/12th scale.

I'm sorry that I've forgotten who this stunning memorial tablet in York Minster commemorates - but the scale of this Tudor momument, the design, sculpture and colours was quite wonderful. Many Blogs could be devoted to the magnificent Minster so if you get the chance to go to York - a wonderful City anyway - do go to see it.
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Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Robyn, thanks for coming by...I love the Grande is so grande! Beautiful, wish we had more old architecture here in US.