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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Victorian Dockyard......and other bits and pieces

Sometimes my lovely customers are kind enough to send photos of my characters in their new homes.....looking so much better than on my muddled workbench......

Last year Jennie did a course to create a corner of a Victorian Dockyard, and asked me to make a figure for her.... and some little bits and pieces like seagulls and old filled sacks to add to the atmosphere.
She's a very talented lady and to prove it here's a fantastic photo she's taken of her super completed scene - don't you just love it!

I'm delighted to say she's coming along to our Over the Little Garden Fence Workshop in June and I know she'll produce a wonderful little garden. Incidentally one space has become unexpectedly available, so if anyone would like to take it up please do contact me or Celia at
KT Miniatures - or simply click the Workshop panel in the right column where you can find out all about it and see some pictures too. We've been thrilled that there has been so much enthusiasm for it, but sorry that the date (inevitably) didn't work for everyone......if enough folk were interested we could perhaps run it again in the autumn - do let us know.

The day job is doll making and I'm working on 1/12th commissions at present, but I do like fiddling with other things, especially when they fit on a tray in front of the T.V. in the evening. As well as the characters and the handcrafted furniture it's nice to have the odd chicken or pot of geraniums about on the website (still not updated....) and the stand at fairs. So here's another little 1/12th stone sink, planted up with 'house leeks' and other rock plants and some really tiny ones in 1/24th scale on natural pebbles.

This weekend is The Kensington Dolls House Fair so I'm off on Sunday to be inspired by hugely talented colleagues and friends and hope they all have great success.



Debie Lyons said...

It all looks fab Robin. I love those little gardens. Have a lovely time at KDF

Lorra luffies

Debie xxxx

Robin said...

Thanks Debie, they're fun to do. I'll tell you all about KDF after.

KT Miniatures said...

Just think these are amazing - you clever person you! Celia

Robin said...

Thanks Celia.