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Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Old Sailor...and some Miniature Gardening!!

I've finally stopped coughing (nearly), dragged myself in from the garden and got back to work on some nice 1/12th commissions....and discovered I can make miniature Houseleeks while watching T.V.!!

But first - for the Aquilegia fans - I picked a bunch from the garden for you!!

Another retired old sailor - he's heading off to the Wirral - I'm sure he'll be happy in his new home. He's in 1/12th scale.

Just sometimes things come together don't they?? I had been punching out some mini paper shapes for geraniums - I picked up a couple of nice holey pebbles from my gravel garden - and BINGO! Sempervivum - Houseleeks - Ice Plants..(and other local names) ...used in the old days with lard to make a soothing ointment for burns. When I was a child old Mr Arlott had them all over his one storey cottage roof and made ointment for the whole street.
Anyway....I can make these little plants while watching T.V........ lets face it sculpting a doll and T.V. don't work at the end of a busy day!!

Here's a close-up of another.

Then I got really cocky! I love my own rock garden, with its stone sinks, so the temptation to recreate one was too tempting to resist. They aren't on the website - yes I know I need to update it urgently - but if you are intersted, please email me. These are all in 1/12th scale.

Finally, welcome to my recent followers - thank you for joining us. Thank you all for continuing to look!!


Janine Crocker said...

These are fantastic Robin! I love the rockery :) Beautiful!

KT Miniatures said...

These house leeks etc are simply amazing - you clever person you!!!

Will you have some of these on hand for people to purchase at our "Over The Little Garden Fence Workshop"? Will you be making them in both 1/12th & 1/24th scale?

Yes .....I AM being serious!!!lol

Robin said...

Thank you Janine and Celia - coming from the two of you - much appreciated. Yes I will have some on our Mini-sales table at the Workshop in June. So far I haven't tackled 1/24th....I know I should......don't nag. Lol

Sandra Morris said...

I'm rubbish at gardening in any scale. I do so envy people who have green fingers.....

Good luck with the workshop!


Robin said...

Thanks Sandra.