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Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Take a Look at Flowers....

A little 1/24th scale Flower Lady opens the flower show today.....and my the garden is full of flowers!

If I'm not pottering in the garden I'm working with a view of it and keep popping out for another peep as it changes hour to hour - never mind day to day!
I could indulge myself and just fill this blog with photos of flowers because I know many of you love them as much as me...but I do like to show I'm working! So may I introduce you to Flo......she's just a little lady, 1/24th scale to be precise, getting on a bit as you can see.....and still working!
Around the turn of the century she walked through the local markets selling her flowers, which she grew at the back of her little old cottage. She puts on her smartest 'every-day' frock and wraps a warm shawl aound her shoulders; her hat has seen better days too but she re-trims it now and again - with flowers of course.

Like Flo I love the cottage garden style of planting - the slightly disheveled, overblown, stuffed-full variety - with old terracotta pots and ancient watering cans strategically placed...... grassy paths.......old bricks...scarlet runner beans up hazel poles.....

....So I've squeezed in just a couple pictures of my flower border - fabulous oriental poppies, and a wonderful black bearded iris - which was cut down by the wind just after I took this photo!
Not that I'd have picked it otherwise, but it does look exceedingly grand in a vase!

Back to work! Fifty years or so after Flo, these 'young people' wearing the height of 1950s fashion are on their way out for the evening. I'm not actually sure that 'fashion' was an 'in' word then - my Mother talked about particular styles being 'all the go'! The comparison between these frocks and and the current crop is pretty dramatic - today's clothes are so much more fun!!!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at both the characters and the flowers...Morris Dancers are on the work bench at the moment, more flower-trimmed hats!
Thanks for looking.


KT Miniatures said...

Flo does remind me of someone...just can't quite put my finger on it? Dolls fabulous as always Robin. Your garden is looking very colourful aswell ..have you been out gardening in the rain too this bank holiday? Can't complain about the rain though can we, as we desperately needed it? Celia

Christine said...

Isn't it wonderful that as the garden is slowing down over here,I can log in and see blooms galore over there! Gorgeous dolls as usual, and I have to admit I have a soft spot for 50s fashion which to me is much more fun - swirling full skirts that make your waist look tiny... :-D

Debie Lyons said...

Love your garden Robin. I am waiting for my flowers to come up. I think the flower seller is my favourite doll.

lorra lufffies

Debie xxxx

Robin said...

Thank you Celia, Debie and Christine for your lovely comments - I think Flo is one of my favourite characters, and fun to make. Yep I did some gardening even when it was soggy, and must say Christine that some of the lovely photos from 'abroad' was a high spot during our really cold winter.