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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Home Thoughts from Abroad.......

Somehow, when I received these photographs, this so-familiar, well-known phrase seemed the obvious title for this blog......but I didn't know where it came from. In the end I Googled it - so to save you wondering too, it's a poem by Robert Browning and I think it's particularly lovely - especially when I look out on my garden......go on....look it up!!!

I am immensely grateful that Hazel and Steve from Western Australia were patient last year to wait until I eventually recreated them (or more accurately, semi-portraits of them both) in 1/12th scale. They were trusting enough and apparently pleased with the results, so this year I have recently made their grandchildren too......our respective Post Offices put us through all sorts of agonies as the parcel was 'lost' and finally about six weeks later 'found'. Great jubilation on both sides of the 'pond'!!

Hazel originally hails from Cheshire and between them, she and husband Steve have recreated a version of her old home and as you can see the result is simply stunning and the family do look so at home there. I was thrilled to get the pictures and with permission and thanks to Hazel I can share some of them here.

Steve built the house, wallpapered it, installed the lighting and stairs and laid all the carpets. He also fitted the kitchen stove, all the skirting and cornices and hand made all of the books. Hazel did the painting, made all the curtains and a lot of the soft furnishings, pictures, toys and the bathroom accessories and most of the small kitchen items like the tea towels, filled jars, biscuits, flowers for vases and the super frames for miniatuarised family photos.
What a team!!

I've made other characters for them, and I see Fag Ash Lil' has been installed as the cleaner; I love the hall stand and the flying ducks on the wall!

I know lots of collectors recreate a favourite home - or even the dream home - and especially with 'family homes', it's a particularly effective and evocative way of preserving a little bit of real life history for future generations as well as being a wonderful hobby.

My visit to Kensington Dolls House Festival last weekend was really inspiring and I do pay tribute to the many artisans of such exceptional talent. My spending was modest I'm afraid....but when I win the lottery, the list is ready!!

My thanks to you all for continuing to look at the blog and a welcome to those new Followers who have recently joined us.


Susan said...

Those photos are so inspiring, along the lines of a project close to my own heart! Thanks for showing them Robin and thanks to Hazel and Steve for sharing! I do hope good old Oz Post doesn't take 7 weeks to deliver my own Hilda Grace and James George who I can't wait to meet in person!!

Sandra Morris said...

Love this house, especially the nursery. And your characters are just perfect in it!


Debie Lyons said...

How lovely Robin,

Everything fits and looks just like it should be the house, the dolls everything.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxx

Robin said...

I'm so pleased that you all like Hazel and Steve's house as much as me - it's an absolute treat to see my characters looking so 'at home' - and what a happy home it looks. fingers are crossed that Hilda Grace and James George make it across the oceans to Australia and Susan, a touch quicker!!

Norma said...

Hello Robin, thanks for visiting my blog. When I looked at your profile I couldn't see a blog for you there so I Googled your name and found your blog address on the AIM website. I'll be back for another look when I have more time, I'm busy preparing today for my 10 day trip to New Zealand (my home country).

KT Miniatures said...

Glad your little parcel turned up in the end and that you didn't have to make the dolls all over again. They look wonderful in their new home! Celia

Robin said...

Hi Norma - lovely to see you here - memo to self....must sort out theat profile!
The good news is that Hilda and James have got to Susan in Australia in record time! Phew!!