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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy Christmas......Christmas at the North Pole

Thank you for your friendship, inspiration and sheer fun in blogland during the last year. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Our card this year has been designed by our youngest Granddaughter....thank you all for a lovely year.
It seems to be that a family tradition has been established so Granny creates a Christmas 'make' for the youngest ones.
This year it's all about Father Christmas delivering presents to the children at the North Pole.


It is a well known fact that Father Christmas lives at the North Pole
and spends the year planning presents for all the children throughout the world.

What is not quite so well known is that it takes a whole day to deliver them –
so if he was delayed.....
the Eskimo children might not get theirs until Boxing Day!! DISASTER!!

To make sure that this does not happen, he delivers theirs first.

And because we all know that the North Pole is all snow – with no trees -
as a special treat just for the Eskimo children, he brings them trees as well.

So the girls were supplied with a couple of igloos - paper mache over plastic pots - pizza base polystyrene base and mountains a quantity of cotton wool and of course a mini Santa and baby polar bear and trees.

Thank you for looking

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