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Friday, January 18, 2019

Here We Go Again

The start of a New Year for many of us means, if not actually making New Year Resolutions, that we give a little thought to the things we'd like to do - it will be interesting to see how we all get on in the coming months.
You might remember that I put together the bits and pieces for our little granddaughters to make a wintery scene for Christmas.  They did so well and loved doing it -  one was inspired to make another at school with her little friend.

I had some super presents - including  this magnificent, quirky stone rabbit - just now looking for a permanent home somewhere in the garden!

Outside, bulbs are peeping through and tiny cyclamen are a cheery sight - spring is on the way but I'm sure we've got more winter to come first, having had a bit of a snowy flurry a day or two ago.  Pictures of deep snow in other countries are awesome!

Inside I've got lots of orchids just coming out and in bud.  The second photo is of one I've been waiting to bloom for several years - a gift as a small cutting from a very special friend no longer with us. I love having a conservatory as it means flowers all year long.

Best wishes to you all for a Very Happy New Year

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Ilona said...

Oh how lovely to see that you and your granddaughters have made a mini winter wonderland, Robin, they look wonderful :)!
I LOVE your quirky rabbit, he is really gorgeous! I've never seen one like this before here, in The Netherlands.
You're a lucky bird for having a conservatory, enjoy all of your flowers and plants, they're wonderful!
Thank you for the tip for setting colors with natural pigments, by using salt, I didn't know it yet ;)!!
My best wishes for 2019 to you and yours, dear Robin, have a nice weekend.
Warm hug, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

I LOVE your stone garden rabbit Robin and I've faith that you'll eventually find an ideal location for him somewhere in your wonderful garden.
I also admire your grand-daughter's mini winter scene and think that you have effectively passed on your miniature genes to the next generation.
Her work looks to me like snowball houses and snow covered mountains in behind with snow-filled clouds above them- VERY COOL ( if you'll excuse the pun);D
Also love your RL miniature cyclamens. Every year I keep promising myself to invest in this plant and every year I forget until I seen them bursting with colour in the garden sections of super-markets. Maybe this year is THE YEAR now that you've inspired me having now seen yours.

Meanwhile, since I never have any luck with keeping Orchids alive, I will have to be content with admiring yours from afar.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Una alegría para ti que tu nieta siga tus pasos. El conejo hará genial en cualquier rincón de tu jardín.Preciosas flores:-)

Donna S said...

I, too, think your rabbit is very handsome! How I envy you having flowers peeping thru the ground already. My gosh, it was -18c here this morning and we have quite a bit of snow on the ground. Jack Frost did a wonderful job on the windows of our front porch. I live in Ontario Canada so winter is here til at least the end of March!

Jean Tuthill said...

You are so fortunate to have a conservatory to have flowers year round. I have some Amaryllis blooming right now and two orchids that have thrown out some bloom spikes. No flowers yet but I know they are on their way! I love them! The little min scenes that you and your granddaughters did are so cute! My minis are on hold for now, but I still love them! Nice to visit you again.