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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Definitely in Need of a Little Assistance

On the workbench is a little 1/48th house in need of the garden the weeds are growing faster than I can yank them out......and the conservatory is over-run with tomatoes....but at least the washing is drying in the sun!

I thought I should get back to miniatures in this blog...but you know how it goes.....

So, we love tomatoes and my husband loves to grow them from seed, which he does VERY successfully....every year.  Although he planted less than usual, they all came up, so I am in the annual process of convincing the extended family that when they visit they should take some home! Still there's danger of frost, so nothing tender can go outside....the conservatory is full to bursting with the orchids and other conservatory plants, plus the toms., carnation plug plants, leek and parsnip seedlings. I need help!!

Running out of room fast...
Finally...nowhere to sit...

Bert arrived, released from his box which he never liked anyway to help tie one or two to supports.

Thank heavens for Bert
Out in the garden - which is looking pretty good despite the weeds - tulips are blooming and my favourite shrub Exochorda - The Bride is looking wonderful and I have finally decided to stop trying to cull the bluebells which are everywhere.


It's a losing battle anyway really and they do look beautiful and I do love them; we have a mixture of the native and the spanish variety in different areas and I had a wild ambition to only keep the native.....oh well.  When they die down other things appear and the garden is ever-changing.

I hope you're all enjoying your garden too, whether it's real sized or miniature.

Thank you for looking


Donna S said...

Hi Robin:
I always enjoy your posts about your garden and your plants. I wonder if exorchorda would grow in Canada? Do you have any idea? Our tradional planting date here is May 24 as by then, hopefully, the weather has warmed up and the soil and there is no fear of frost. My hostas are coming up fast and furious and my daffs are budding but have not yet flowered. My crocus is finished but the flowers were beautiful. We are always behind here in our part of Canada. Oh well, it will come.

Robin said...

Hi Donna - isn't it interesting how alike and also how different our planting is. Here our daffodils are all out and coming to an end, being replaced by tulips although hostas are just getting going here too.
Our traditional post-frost planting date is much the same as yours which is why we're bursting at the seams. I think the Exochorda would do just as well in Canada as here - it's a lovely very hardy shrub with dainty arching stems and weird little star shaped seed heads.Grows in any soil but likes the sun. Give it a go.

Donna S said...

Thanks so much Robin. I will check out the nursery and see if they have any or could get me at least one. Our soil is not the best, rather clay-ee but we do get the afternoon sun.

Elizabeth S said...

Spanish bluebells are lovely when they are in bloom but are so untidy when the flowers are past. I've given up trying to completely control them too. I can see why you need help but I can tell that you LOVE it regardless of the amount of care your garden requires.
Your Exochorda is GORGEOUS!