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Monday, May 1, 2017

Moving into Talskiddy...etc...

If you've popped in and out over the years you'll have seen my miniature round houses, inspired by real ones in the village of Veryan in Cornwall. They've inspired us to create a number in all three scales for around 18 years now - but I did need to keep one! I kept 1/48th 'Talskiddy'. But an empty house is no fun!!

An empty house needs furniture and people.  No problem with the furniture because I made sure that we retained a selection of the fabulous 1/48th handcrafted items made by my husband when we retired.  Sadly I forgot the people bit, so apart from  4 or 5 'skeletons' hiding in a box,  I only have a policeman and Granny.  Hmmm - not quite right for this little house, but they'll do for now, and hopefully when the garden is abandoned for the winter I can create another little house and have fun with that too and maybe dress the 'skeletons' appropriately.

So - let's move them all in........
Sorry about the wobbly roof - must check before photographing in future!

And now to something completely different.

Back in the day - dim and distant - with a Mother who was passionate about wild flowers and was very knowledgeable.  On Good Friday we headed to The Grove, a private wood where everyone was allowed to pick primroses once a year as a local tradition. Then we all headed for the Folly path to find the first violets and finally down The Smeeths (a sunken footpath) to find the only patches of Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) in the locality.
I suspect these have now all disappeared under the plough.
Then we were off to Badbury Hill, which I've often mentioned in blogs in the past, for the Bluebells.

Star of Bethlehem
Now falling apart, Mum's much loved wild flower book.
Still relevant although it was published in 1908
Wherever I've gardened I've always had primroses and violets - Star of Bethlehem was harder to find and harder to get to survive. Now I've done it and have a healthy group of these lovely bulbs despite the best efforts of the vicious and dreadful weed Ground Elder to wipe it out. I have an ongoing war with it, Mares Tail and Bindweed. I dig them out and confess to chemical 'kill', but they still beat me!

Thank you for looking


Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin!
I have to say that your wee folk have a quality to them that makes me want to give each one a cuddle when ever I see them and these two in the round house are no exception.
The policeman and the grandmother dolls, remind me of the sitcom" On the Buses", no doubt because of his uniform.
He could be the towns bachelor cop whose not yet found the right girl to bring home to mum. ;P
Meanwhile, it was a Treat to hear your memories of local wildflowers and the well-thumbed wildflower book.
It may be falling apart at its seams, but that's only because it's Loved. :)

PILAR6373 said...

Que bonitos tus habitantes,en esa pequeña y maravillosa casa!!!
Me alegra que hayas conseguido las preciosas flores,son encantadoras!!

jenann said...

Such an evocative post, Robin! We do have violets, star of Bethlehem, primroses, cowslips and a host of other wild flowers here because this is not a crop growing region. But with ever bigger trucks and tractors on the narrow lanes, the banks are getting narrower and the wild flowers bloom less abundantly every year.

As to your little people and their new home, - it's gorgeous as your miniaures always are!

Thank you for sharing.
Happy late spring.