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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wishing You A Happy Easter

Easter is a special time for many of us across the globe and I hope that it can be a time spent with those you love.
Our gardens and open spaces, and even our indoor plants and window boxes also seem to know that it's time to renew and celebrate.

I enjoyed a lovely day in Oxford with a very special guide a week  ago visiting some of the  Colleges, and trod the medieval pavements, touched equisite and ancient wood and stone carvings and sculptures and gazed at unbelievably ancient and beautiful stained glass windows. It was absolutely a walk back in time and a huge privilege and I'm grateful for the enormous work and dedication undertaken to preserve this for us all.

It's decades since I last did this, so a big thank you P.

The parks and garden within college precincts are just a joy too, and for me, best of all was seeing for the first time the snakes head fritilliaries (yes I do have a 'thing' about them) flowering in their thousands across the water meadows at Magdalen College.

Oxford was bursting with visitors on a sunny day - youngsters drawn by a location for the Harry Potter Films, and 'oldsters' drawn by the 'Morse' stories (and spin offs) by Colin Dexter. I hope they all enjoyed themselves and will come back one day to look at the 'ancient dreaming spires'.

The garden is bursting into colour and so too, the conservatory - orchids vying with each other for centre stage.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing.

Thank you for looking


jenann said...

Oh, what a beautiful post, Robin! I have a thing about the snakes head fritilliaries too but seem unable to grow them for some reason.

Hasn't it been amazing weather this last few days? Inspiring gardening weather - even if I DID have to water the lupins in a month when I would not really expect to see more that leaf buds.

Happy Easter.
Jenni xx

Donna S said...

Enjoyed your post immensley. How wonderful to be able to go to visit such wonderful old buildings. And the gardens look amazing.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter Robin.

Donna from Ontario, Canada

Donna S said...

Just took another look at your photos of Oxford. Was really taken with the one of the canal disappearing very mysteriously under a bridge and the beautiful white flowers alongthe side.


Robin said...

Glad you liked my very indulgent post ladies. Such a special day.
Keep trying the fritilliaries Jenni - the dampest area you have. If the corms are failing maybe planting them in the green would work as you could have squirrels like me who dig them up.

The white (and blue) flowers are Windflowers (anenome blanda)which just carpeted the ground and looked magical. Easy to grow if youre tempted Donna....
Happy Easter to you both.