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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice and the White Rabbit

I've had enormous pleasure making this little scene and bringing to life a favourite classic children's story.

In the last blog I showed you the basic rabbit hole before I got going with the paint brush mixing and messing until I was happy with the inside of the hole and the ground in front. A rough sandy mixture was used to rough up the ground tipped on and off white glue brushed on fairly randomly until I was happy.
Click on the pictures for larger versions.

The bubble wrap - yes that's an odd component in landscaping I know - was glued over the cardboard 'hill' before the paper-backed grass sheet was glued on top.  The photos don't really show but it gives a rounded, less flat appearance and can be squashed and prodded for a natural look.  Also it's much easier to have the extra depth when 'planting'.
A piece of thin acrylic from packaging was glued to the back of the hole.

I often use roots rather than twigs for bushes and trees in my landscaping and all the rest of the plants are paper, my own invention except the super ivy leaves which I bought many, many years ago and am hoarding and using sparingly.

Alice is perfect so I just needed to sort out my white rabbit.  After much discussion with myself, and as it was a nicely detailed model I abandoned the mad idea of furring him, painted him up and changed his eyes and nose to pink. I actually think dressing him was the most difficult part of the whole affair - solid plastic rabbits don't move their arms so it was 'tricky'!! Even the fiddly pocket watch was a doddle in comparison.

And now it's finished and I'm a happy bunny.

Next? I need to make marmalade before anything else.

Thank you for looking


Donna S said...

Oh Robin, how wonderful! I enjoyed seeing and reading how you achieved your Alice and the white rabbit scene. Love the rabbit by the way. I think putting clothing on him just did the trick. I also like the landscaping. How did you manage to get things like dirt and roots to attach to the rounded inside walls?
I just goes to prove that you do not need to have a huge scene to achieve the right look. Way to go!

Donna, in snowy Canada where a rabbit hole would be hard to find at the moment.

Elizabeth S said...

I agree with Donna from snowy Canada about Loving your white rabbit! You have made his clothes look bespoke and now he looks the dandy in his new finery! The little Alice doll is ADORABLE and the rabbit hole is so wonderfully landscaped that I am wishing that this project were bigger so that you could continue it on and on and on....
Thank you Robin, for explaining the use of bubble wrap, which is so clever as well as informative. I love the idea and am going to file it away to try out in the future. :)

from Elizabeth also from Canada and also surrounded by snow! ;P

Robin said...

Thank you Canada ladies! No snow here yet - and never likely to be as deep as yours....
I'm thrilled you like the little scene. The inside of the hole is lined (as is the front)with tissue paper which with a good deal of white glue and paint is just pushed and shoved into contours - so the appearance of different soils and roots inside is simply achieved with paints a little later when dry. The sandy soil is only applied to the floor of the hole and just outside. Hope that helps.

Actually I was a little sad when I finished as I was enjoying myself so much.

PILAR6373 said...

Que preciosa y original escena!!! El agujero se ve muy real y hasta cómodo jajaja!! Está todo dispuesto para que Alicia y el conejo puedan introducirse en él!!!!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Oh how beautifully done, I really love it! Pam

Robin said...

Many thanks Pilar and Pam - I really appreciate your kind comments.