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Friday, February 3, 2017

Diane's Stables...and...Looking at Alice

During the many years of doll-making, one of the pleasures has been fulfilling someone's wish for a specific character or characters for their own very special project - often receiving photographs on completion.
One of the pleasures of retirement I'm discovering is fulfilling my own miniatures 'wishes'.


Diane's local Dollshouse Club set themselves the challenge of turning a basic shed into something completely different - what a great idea for a club project!  So she decided on stables - Hmm... I'd call that different!
So one of my very last commissions for my long-time friend was to create a young girl in a riding outfit and her Dad - who I expect will be the one mucking out her super stables.

Many thanks to Diane for allowing me to use her photographs, and thanks for the years of friendship (and lovely commissions).

Now to Alice.  'Alice' is the creation of the talented Sandra Morris of Tower House Dolls - another lovely friend.  She's been quietly sitting in her box for the last two years soon as I saw Alice, a picture of her emerging from the rabbit hole in Wonderland came into my head and has sat there ever since. In her recent blogs, Sandra has been explaining the intricacies of making these fine and very beautiful porcelain doll's dolls, which has been fascinating - do take a look.

So - Alice and the 'hole'.  Followed by Alice and the hole taking shape - card, round gift box, bubble wrap, tissue paper, lots of paint and glue...
I need a white rabbit.
I consider A. Sculpting a rabbit.  B. Buying a plastic rabbit.  C. Painting or furring a plastic rabbit.
Little characters, not rabbits, are my sculpting thing - I know when I'm beat so buy the plastic (top quality) rabbit and begin to landscape.

Break for visitors.......................more next time.

Thank you for looking


PILAR6373 said...

la escena del establo es preciosa!!! me encantan los dos personajes que le dan vida.
La pequeña Alicia,el conejo blanco,el agujero ......será una escena adorable!!!

Serenata said...

The stable is great! Love the little girl and her Dad.

The Alice project looks like you will have a lot of fun with it.

Elizabeth S said...

What a TERRIFIC project! I LOVE your little Alice doll and the landscaping is going to be Wonderful! Using bubble wrap is something I've never heard of before, so I hope that you will elaborate more on it at a later date.
I also like the little girl in riding gear with her pony at the riding stables.
Whenever I think of ponies I am alway reminded of the t.v series "Keeping up Appearances" and Hyacinth's sister Violet with a Mercedes, a swimming pool and room for a pony" :D


Robin said...

Diane's stable is such an affectionate little scen I agree, it was very special to be part of it.
I'll tell you more about the bubble wrap and expand on the landscaping next time Elizabeth - I am loving this project.