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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's All About The Weather!!!

Well here in Oxfordshire it's been raining - heavy, heavy deluge type rain!! Clearly it's been doing the same elsewhere to judge by the number of us who've been complaining that our beautiful paeonies and roses have been battered to bits.
So it's out of the garden and back to the workbench.

An elderly little lady (1/12th scale of course) has been waiting for her new easy chairs - not too posh, comfortable and upholstered in nice hardwearing material.  So the Coombe Crafts workshops swung into action to fullfill this last furniture order before shutting up shop.  Hope she likes them.

There are creatures who have flourished in this weather - unfortunately in my garden!! The slugs and snail have marched in battalions and have chewed their way through some of my prettiest plants and flowers.  I hate the pesky creatures!
I'm hoping that the frogs who live in my tiny ponds.....I call them ponds but really they're vintage wash tubs....will jump out and redress the balance.

Talking of ponds - this beautiful and also tiny water lily has just flowered.  Perfect!

I've also seen a very precious wild flower here in Oxfordshire, although I won't say exactly where - this is a Bee Orchid one of our rarer wild plants. Up close it looks like a little bee settling on a flower.
Sadly this beautiful wild plant has disappeared from many of its natural locations, as have many others of course and there are lots of reasons for this, including unscrupulous 'collectors' who dig up plants, often destroying the habitat.

Fishermen don't seem to mind rain, and a little fisherman is my last commission before I down tools and I hope to show him to you in another blog.....then I shall have to think which little character will be the first one to create, just for me.

In my last blog I mentioned and pictured my Staghorn Fern that I was endeavouring to repot.  Almost the next day I was stopped in my tracks to see the most wonderful miniature Staghorn Ferns on Illona's blog...I run out of superlatives to describe her exquisite talent so do take a look at her blog on

Thank you for looking


jenann said...

Dearest Ms Britton,

PLEASE forgive me. Our phone and internet has been down for over a week and I have not been able to contact you. We are still having wobbles when the internet just shows circles going round and round, a bit like the picture of people under umbrellas that they used to show on television every summer when cricket matches were supposed to be being shown, but rain stopped play.

The chairs are WONDERFUL. Of course, they were not for Roland and me as we are 1:16 and not growing much, as you might expect at our age. They are for our tenants, Arthur and Alice, who are about to marry after a lifetime alone. The chairs are by way of a wedding present to ensure they have a comfortable and happy retiremnt together.

They are such a lovely couple. Also, Alice's tasty and large (1:12) cakes and pies plus Arthur's gardening plans, have kept dear Roland (from under my f xxx) busy, too.

Thank you for both the chairs AND for finding us such lovely people to rent Ty Mawr. We will miss your support as Coombe Craft closes is doors. We do hope to keep in touch though and Arthur pops round to check out your gardening postsso he too will be keen to remain in contact with you.

Please take care of yourself and Mr.Coombe Craft too.
But, a word of warning - RETIREMENT IS FAR MORE EXHAUSTING THAN WORKING LIFE, so don't expect it to be relaxing.
With much love,
Grandma Jean xxxx

Robin said...

Oh you lovely lady! By some miracle after all the rain, our tecno-stuff is still working, so I was able to establish that your lovely postie had delivered the chairs. Otherwise I'd not have posted a pic. - no way would I spoil the surprise wedding present.

Of course we'll stay in touch - I need to know how the Welsh family are doing. (And you too!)

Ilona said...

Hi Robin! Your newest chairs are wonderful work, they're perfectly suitable for the dolls you described ;)! The water lily in your pond is gorgeous, but I must see that I'm most in awe for the Bee Orchid, which you shows us here! It's a shame that people destroy so many species of plants/flowers and also their natural habitat.
Here the rain is back again after two days of much too hot weather, clammy and much too humid for normal people, but even worse for me due to my health :(. At this moment we're waiting for the next thunderstorm, last night we had a huge thunderstorm (again) with floodings and its consequences. Fortunately we here have kept our feet dry, but at the other side of The Netherlands they had quite bad luck.
Robin, thanks for mentioning my blog :). And yes, I saw your Staghorn, just before I finished mine in miniature, what a coincidence, isn't it ;)?! Thank you for your kind comment on my Staghorn plants.
Hugs, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin, Your weather woes are being repeated over here in western Canada too! I think I had my white peonies in bloom for 2 days before the rains wiped them out! Two days ago Hot and sunny the next day Cold and wet, today is NEUTRAL. :/
Meanwhile, thoroughly enjoyed the letter from Grandma Jean and the arrival of the Wedding Chairs, which by the way look very very comfy, lucky couple. :D
I wish them all the Very Best and hope that you will enjoy every moment of your retirement, Staghorn ferns (both big and small) and all! :D

Robin said...

Given that we're all having to put up with miserable weather - it's a good job we've got such a wealth of blogs to read and be inspired by.
Your kind comments much appreciated from two of my favourites miniaturists.

Donna S said...

Dear Robin:
Had to chime in with everyone and hope that you have a lovely retirement and are able to do all the things you want to get to but, like Grandma Jean said, retirement is exhausting!! People seem to feel that because you no longer have a job, that you are available all day every day! LOL
I was fascinated by the photo of the bee plant. Have never seen anything like it. Do not think we have it here in Canada. Would very much like to see it in person. Another plant not seen very much anymore is Jack in the Pulpit.
I like your chairs very much and will miss seeing your creations as you make them.