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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Workshops, Fisherman and Flowers

This last week or so has been about three of my favourite things.....the Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops with my great chum Celia, creating character dolls and my overgrown garden.  It's all in the pictures .

We closed the little door on Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops after our final day with eight lovely and talented ladies last Saturday. Thank you for a super day ladies.

Working well...
Who's that in charge.....?
Yep...that's Celia...
A 1/24th scale version of the shop is taking shape
First reveal 
Our website will be up until the end of the month if you'd like to take a look at our gallery of past projects and I hope next year Celia will be able to start her own workshop programme if circumstances permit, and her website KT Miniatures will be the place to go for news.
The two of us will of course need to maintain our regular coffee mornings (previously 'management meetings'). Hot chocolate with marshmallows in good company is hard to beat!!!

The little 1/24th scale fisherman was my last commission and he, together with his family has gone on a caravan holiday I'm told. So the door to Coombe Crafts is closed too - but after all these years I can't lose the name completely so it will stay in my Blog title.

I'm now officially retired! Ooo'er! I've managed a few minor tweaks to the blog, but nothing exciting - I can stop trying to be techno-efficient now. Phew! When I get back to being creative for 'me' I hope to share with you - in the meantime I've still got lots of pictures of my quirky characters you haven't seen........

The answer to the question 'what are you going to do now', is pretty obvious if you look at my lovely but madly overgrown garden.....get out the secateurs. Click on pictures for a bigger version.

Thanks for looking


Elizabeth S said...

What a lovely ending to a beautiful career, Robin. Thanks for sharing the final workshop days with all of us. Seeing your lush looking garden and knowing how much you love being out there in it, means that this work will be a type of holiday for you because of the pleasure that you will reap.
Retirement doesn't mean NO activity whatsoever, but rather a re-direction of your energies towards a different goal. :D

Very Glad to hear that you plan to keep on blogging- Hurray for US! :D

jenann said...

The end of an era, but what an ending! The ladies look so engrossed at the workshop and your last little characters are gorgeous.
How great to be able to decide for yourself when you were ready to close the little doors on miniaturing and turn to your other great passion, the garden. I wasn't ready to go and still miss my so-called 'troubled' pupils. Teaching was such a joy and 30 years wasn't enough, but health issues meant I couldn't keep them safe any more. If you were still in business, I'd have been collecting a schoolroom set of little people, y replacement class.
Your garden looks lush and, if the day is too hot for working there, the ideal spot for a shady meal al fresco, or just sitting with a book. Lovely!
Keep the piccies coming, I half believe that, if we look at them with care, we might see a tiny 1:24 head or hand peeking out amongst the plants.... perhaps your little folk are still there?!

KT Miniatures said...

Aww Robin, am still feeling a little sad now that your retirment has suddenly turned into reality. We have had so many laughs and magical moments over the years, I have particularly enjoyed working on all those workshop and magazine projects with you. We made a good team:)!! Just learn to relax now and do all those things that you have been wanting to do for ages, but never had the time! You and Coombe Crafts are going to be missed greatly by a lot of people. CeliaXXX

Robin said...

Thank you, thank you. I have to keep blogging so that I can see your wonderful work Elizabeth and keep up with the 'family' Jenni. Thank you to everyone else for recent kind and thoughful comments.

As for Celia - we've got so many lovely memories to share - what a team!! You're a very special lady. Now we must put the tissues away next week matie.