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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More 1/24th Scale Gardening

As it's been rather lovely weather I have managed to get out into the full sized garden for a little essential weeding - actually rather more extensive weeding is necessary.......but I have also been working and it seems that miniaturists are going gardening too!

First up is a little lady who certainly isn't going gardening but is a friendly little waitress in the local tea rooms - perhaps she'll have time to plant up some geraniums after work for her own little garden.

Three gardeners now who are not all working in the same garden, but have stopped for a chat.

Finally a one-off 1/48th lady - a gift for special friends. We're calling her Dorcas Lavender.

I hope the sun is shining for you all and do thank you for popping in and the many kind comments often left for me and much appreciated.

Thanks for looking


Ilona said...

Hi Robin! Your new dolls look absolutely wonderful, love the group chatters ;)! But the smallest doll is amazing work, wow, so tiny!
We have had two lovely warm, sunny days and I've enjoyed it very much. I wish you have had the same weather, whilst you were working in your garden ;)!?

The grandmommy said...

I love the expressions on the their faces! It is amazing that someone could be that detailed as with the littlest one!

Robin said...

Thanks Ilona and Grandmommy - glad the little characters make you smile - I love each new one I make, although the 1/48th aren't created as often as the others.