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Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Old Salty Sailor

Among the most popular of my characters in both 1/12th and 1/24th scale is an old sea dog -  long retired from a full life on the boats but still to be seen sitting in the sun on the sea wall in many a small fishing port.

Shall we call him Fred -  joining the long line of pals who are now living in various parts of the world in neat white-washed seaside cottages and quayside settings.  Fred is 1/12th scale and as he's helping out a mate is lugging old nets, ropes and floats down to the harbour for the next trip.

Hmmm - haven't see the sea for a bit.....feel a trip coming on!

The garden  is begining to look really floriferous (super word that!) with late spring flowering bulbs and shrubs putting on a show.  Not to be forgotten is the humble little violet which loves this garden and spreads and seeds everywhere - I have to be very hard hearted to thin it out later .....but not now!

Thanks for looking


miniacollection said...

No surprise that he is a favourite character. He is really great.

Ilona said...

Of course it's no surprise, because Fred is a fantastic character doll, Robin :D!
Your garden is wonderful too, enjoy your springtime.

PILAR6373 said...

Te ha quedado como un autentico marinero,una cara muy agradable y con carácter!!!
Tu jardín está precioso esta primavera!!!!

Serenata said...

'Fred' is just wonderful!

Donna S said...

Oh Robin, love your posts they always uplift my spirits.
Fred is so evocative of sailors! And your garden pictures are super
and make me wish I was there in person.

Robin said...

Thank you all for your kind remarks.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! I Love your salty dog Fred and what a wonderful face he has!!!! I can see why your dolls do so well out in the world because they are Always full of life and personality. :D
As for your Spring garden.... how delightful to see so much color! :D I love wild violets and the way that they grow through lawns and between the pavers etc. It is something that I keep encouraging mine to do, and after many years of waiting, they are At Last beginning to co-operate , just like yours! Yipeee!