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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This and That...and a Bit in Miniature

Sometimes the summer weeks just seem to run away so fast! One of my own very special 'little people' has been with us for a lovely week or so -  consequently our miniatures have been rather geared in that direction as you'll see.

It's such a pleasure to be able to enjoy some creative 'work' with a youngster and I know many of you in our super miniature world encourage the next generation to enjoy exploring their own imagination and creativity.

So...we made a miniature village - cheapo 'kit' from Tesco and lots of mini cereal boxes, once the contents had been eaten.  We painted a couple of dinosaurs....they go so well with the village don't you think?

And we made a 'Seaside Scene' - with (no) apologies to my chum Celia Thomas who created a rather larger and grander version with me for Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine last year!!

Meanwhile back in the 'proper' miniature scene.... Dolls House and Miniature Scene have published the third and final part of the WW1 scene created for them by Celia and me in the October issue.

 We are also delighted that the scene itself will be on display on the magazine's stand at Miniatura later in the month.  I hope some of you will get to see it for 'real'.  We've been very touched by the many kind comments we've received and the scene is now for sale with  a proportion of the proceeds going to support the important work of the Royal British Legion.  If any individual or organisation is interested in its purchase, offers in the region of £250 are welcomed and full details are on our Nostalgia in Miniature website.

And finally - a little gardening.  Herewith the tomato 'farm'!!

Along this narrow pathway at the side of the house my other half  has (again) grown loads of  (too many) tomatoes! We have red ones (traditional and tasty), black ones (that are taking forever to ripen), striped ones (super) and huge Pink Brandy Wine ones (the taste jury is out on this one)......

The weather being 'variable' has meant 'variable' success....... still...what fun!

Thank you for looking


PILAR6373 said...

El pueblo os ha quedado fantástico y lo mejor de todo habrá sido lo divertido que lo habréis pasado!!
Felicidades por la publicación de la última parte de la preciosa escena y enhorabuena por la exhibición,será algo fantástico!!!
Que tomates tan deliciosos!!!

Ilona said...

HI Robin! It seems you've had a wonderful time with your little people :D! It is so much fun to be creative with them and moreover they created wonderful houses for their small village. I love the idea of the painted dinosaurs ;)!
Congratulations on being published in the magazine. Sure it is a beautiful display and it is so well deserved to be displayed on Miniatura!
Those tomatoes look delicious, yummy! I know the striped tomatoes exist, but I've never seen them myself, it must be miraculous to see those sort ;)!!
Hugs, Ilona

Robin said...

Thank you both - glad you enjoyed the junior version of my blog this time!
The seeds of the striped tomatoes are readily available in U.K. - it might be worth looking for them - they are delicious.

The grandmommy said...

I can see a lot of fun went into the mini dinosaur village. :-)
Those tomatoes would make a lovely tomato tray with some sauces! Good luck on you sale!