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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back To School In 1/24th Scale

After a good deal of concentration recently on much bigger projects it's nice to get back to the rather more gentle pursuit of individual sculpts for new characters, and in this case some children.

A lovely recent commission was for a group of Victorian school children - and even the clothing is a reflection of the difference between then and now.  The costuming is really just a junior version of adult clothing - no comfy track suits or school uniforms made from easy-care materials.   Can you imagine having to go to school in heavy serge trousers, stockings and boots or a long pinafore over an even longer full and heavy skirt??

Here come the girls....
The emphasis in school seems to have been on the three Rs with some kind of physical education and practical subjects such as woodwork for the boys and cookery for the girls,  designed to equip them for adult life. An abacus helped with arithmetic (I reckon I could do with one of those) and slate and chalk or a dipping pen and ink for writing, while a globe helped with an understanding of geography. Learning was by rote and a cane was used for doesn't sound like a very cheery atmosphere in the classroom!

....and the boys.

In other miniature news Felcity and Ron are completing the line-up of spendid artisans for The Thame Dollshouse and Miniature Fair in February 2015.  There are details and super pictures of artisans' work on the website already and their Blog is updating regularly with more news as it comes in.  We all love this very special fair so do take a look and maybe think about coming....if you've been before I'm pretty sure you'll be coming again!

I do love pottery, and a jaunt around Oxford's open air Antique and Collectible Market a couple of weeks ago saw me come home with this gorgeous platter which I understand is by Anna Crockett (1980s). I love the earthy colours and wonderful  depiction of our countryside which I think she's captured perfectly.

Thank you for looking


Serenata said...

The school children are wonderful, and I certainly admire your workmanship on such 'small people'

PILAR6373 said...

Los niños y las niñas escolares son encantadores,con sus bonitas caras y esas preciosas ropas!!!

Ilona said...

Robin, you've dressed your school children wonderful, I am really glad I didn't live in that time ;)! But writing with pen and ink and abacus were my share of school too, so I think I am quite middle aged ;)!?
The platter is absolutely gorgeous, I love the earthy colors and depiction of the countryside too.
I wish you a nice weekend!
Hugs, Ilona

jenann said...

They little children are amazing! I love the fact that some look younger than others.
Your dish is beautiful too. I wish we had room for (even) more ceramic and glassware here.
Jenni (Grandpa, Grandma, Arthur and the lodger family send their love) xx

The grandmommy said...

The children are just adorable! I am sure they will be very good in school. :-)

Robin said...

Thank you all for your lovely coments on the children - glad you like the platter too!