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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lady Georgiana....Apple Pips..... A Tiny Treasure....

Although I enjoy all my dollmaking - from sculpting a characterful face to choosing fabrics and creating the costuming -  every now and again a special challenge is offered to me. Lady Georgiana has been one of those lovely challenges!

She has now arrived at her new home, and this rather grand lady 'of a certain age' has taken her place in the music salon with her equally grand companions, where they are no doubt eyeing the fashion statement each is making!

The Georgian era offers such a wealth of styles to choose from and ladies fashions were increasingly influenced by France. She has chosen the Saque back style in a fine cotton floral print, trimmed with ribbons and lace, ensuring that while her obvious assets are very much on show, even though she's not young, the decorum of the day dictated that her elbows must be covered!

I so loved making her hat - it's a rare chance to be able to go over the top with feathers and ribbons and her hairstyle was a particular challenge.  Although I'd seen the hedgehog hairstyle in famous portraits it took some digging to discover how it was actually created at the time, so it was fun to follow the instructions to the letter - in miniature!

So Blog friends.....what do you know about antique/vintage dolls house furniture made from apple pips???
A friend has inherited this wonderful unusual furniture made from apple pips and would love to know more about it if any of you can help us here.

We know that apple pips and other seeds have been used in small items of jewelry and I have a small purse and coaster/mat that are pretty old. Despite best efforts, we can't find anything quite like this so if anyone can tell me more, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm beside myself with joy that my incredibly talented friend Deb Jackson has made me an exquisite 'Triang Inspired' teeny weeny vintage dolls house.
The work is quite breathtakingly detailed so I hope the pictures give you some idea of just how tiny and beautiful it is. And - hold your breath - lift a microscopic hook and eye catch and it opens to reveal fully decorated rooms. A future heirloom!

Deb's work is highly sought after and the little houses don't come along too often - go to her website and enjoy her varied miniature treasures.

Thank you for looking


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh, your wee house is to die for! And Lady Georgiana is a triumph, testament to your artistry!

Dave Williams said...

Lady Georgiana is an amazing new piece of work, well done Robin on this new creation.
Just love Deb's house, a very clever lady.
Also like the pip furniture, never seen anything like it before.

Robin said...

Thanks Sus and Dave - yes isn't Deb's house just wonderful. I'm so thrilled to have it. Glad you like Georgiana - makes a nice change to do 'posh'!

KT Miniatures said...

Lady Georgiana is stunning Robin... the hedgehog hair looks perfect. Hope someone out there can shed some light on the apple pip furniture...would be interesting to hear about its origin. Celia

Robin said...

Thanks matie.
So far no-one has thrown any light on the apple pip furniture. Maybe it's unique.