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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scenes From The Herb Garden....And Frogs...

I am itching to show you a picture of my latest 1/12th lady - but until she's arrived in her new home, it's only fair for her new custodian to see her first. SO - I thought some snapshots of the herb garden and a frog or two, might be interesting.

Further to my last blog in which I mentioned that our next Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop - 'Down the Little Old Herb Garden Path' is on 27th September at Bicester Avenue Garden Centre  (a really easy venue to get to just off Junction 9 of M40) - I've a few more pictures to tempt anyone wondering whether to have a creative day out....

I think you'd agee - this is 'traditional' - and just a touch nostalgic.
If you love gardens and plants and would like the opportunity to create some lovely herb plants in a nostalgic setting,  using a variety of materials and very different techniques in a friendly atmosphere, just take a look.

Lungworts - or  'Jerusalem Cowslips'
A lovely rustic gate with a rusty old bolt catch.
A Victorian rope tile edging to the weathered path and herbs spilling over

And for full details click here for our website with a Booking Form - and details of a Group Discount if you are a small party of friends who fancy a day our with a little retail therapy thrown in. Booking will close in a week or two so do get in touch soon as there are only a few places left.

Now for the frogs!! I am having to accomodate a spare frig' in my conservatory (long and boring story... don't ask...) so in an effort to try and ignore it I thought at least I could make the top interesting!

I am rather partial to ceramic frogs and such and also lumps of interesting wood/tree root/fungi....seemed an idea to bring them all together.
This is my Cumbrian toad on a big hunk of tree fungus
Definitely an exotic I think
What do you think?

Thank you for looking


Elizabeth S said...

I just would like to tell you how Wonderful I think your mini garden is! I love the rope edging along the garden path, and the different levels leading towards the green door. The gate with the rusty flush bolt, the garden cloches, the plants, and the general feel of your little garden is right up my alley. It has all been very inspiring, Thank You! :D


Robin said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth - we loved making this garden so much and perhaps it shows!
Your comment is much appreciated.