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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jimmy the Cricketer

All my efforts to discover more about this little wooden chap on the internet were thwarted because 'wooden toy cricketer' and variations on those words, just turned up lots and lots and lots of pictures and references to the well known little character 'Jiminy Cricket' from the story of Pinocchio - and insects! now you know why I've called him Jimmy.  Seriously though folks, is there anyone in Blogland who could tell me about him.  I bought this super little jointed, pose-able figure at an Antique Market recently and at around
 4 1/2  inches tall he does remind me of the little wooden toys that have been around for decades - the sort that collapse when you push underneath.  However he's constructed more like the wooden mannequin models that artists use and stands on a firm base, fixed by one foot.  The underside of the base is stamped Foreign but there are no other clues - clearly he's vintage rather than modern and has been well-loved.

The only similar toy I've come across was apparently German 1950s. If you've any ideas at all, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for looking

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Steinworks said...

He certainly is unique, maybe he was handmade?