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Thursday, January 2, 2014


May I wish you all A VERY, VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR  as we welcome in a rather wet and windy 2014 and hope we shall  have a great mini-making year to enjoy.

Given that it's lousy weather outside I thought perhaps a cheery picture of a corner of my conservatory might be a brighter start to this year's blogging!

2013 was a bit of a bumpy year for me - and I know lots of other people too - so after a really lovely Christmas and New Years Eve I'm looking forward to getting started on some miniatures.  I have some super commissions to work on, all very different, and coming up in only (HELP) 7 weeks, the fabulous Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair, so I need some new stock...... I shall be busy......

Wearing the Nostalgia in Miniature hat I share with my great friend Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures we spent the run up to Christmas creating the prototype for our new spring workshop, in Oxfordshire - Round The Back Of The Old Gardener's Cottage - and SO enjoyed ourselves. 
WE hope to have all the details finalised in another week or so and indications are that this is likely to be a popular workshop.  If you're interested in coming along keep an eye on the Nostalgia in Miniature website and both our blogs. 

It's certainly going to be a fun year with other projects in the pipeline as well.

Thank you for looking.

P.S. Super, duper feature all about KT Miniatures if you click on this link and go to the free online magazine!


Steinworks said...

Happy 2014 :)

Robin said...

Thanks - you too!

Susan said...

Wishing you a fantastic 2014! Looking forward to seeing more of your workshops (drool) and meeting more of your little people this year!!

Robin said...

Thanks Sus - Happy New Year to you and yours too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful tiny creations in the coming year.

Serenata said...

A very happy New Year to you as well Robin!

Robin said...

Thanks Serenata.