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Friday, January 31, 2014


I imagined Spring Cottage as a tiny one-up-one down dwelling built into the hillside, in a small village in rural Wiltshire.  I have lovely memories of living in just such a village and my Spring Cottage has almost certainly been influenced by that...certainly the lush bright green colours  of early spring...and the name of the cottage itself.

Whoops - shame I didn't put the removable roof back on straight!

I wanted the cottage to look rooted in the landscape so I wrapped the hill around one corner, liberally sprinkled  it with primroses, ferns and clumps of grass and added a gnarled tree, just coming into leaf. The beauty (and fun) of hand building  from scratch without plans and pre-cut pieces is that it can (and does) grow and develop as the mood and inspiration takes me.....sometimes it's quite hard to stop!

The hill and tree were lovely to create

Stone walls are aged, marked by the weather and growing moss and lichen while the doors and widows are patched and creaky so the building has a well-loved and lived in feel about it I hope. I thought an old thatched roof would be appropriate in this setting, and this too is mossy, pretty ancient and probably in need of rethatching!

Sprays of Winter Jasmine cling to the corner
As you can see in the last picture, Spring Cottage has a simple interior with the door invitingly ajar and a roof  that lifts off so that full sized hands can easily arrange and rearrange the furnishings.
Overall the cottage is just under 7 inches high to the top of the roof and stands on a base 6 x 4 inches, and will be for sale first on our stand at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair on 22nd February.

Interior of Spring Cottage with the roof removed   
Penny Farthing Stores is finished too - I'll put pictures up in my next blog - Thanks for looking



jenann said...

So very sweet! I wish it came in big people size....
Will you furnish it?

Robin said...

Thanks Jenni. No I won't furnish it, although we make some in this scale that would suit it - I'll leave that for a new owner to have fun with.