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Thursday, May 9, 2013

All In Blue....

I really didn't set out to have a blue-themed blog but the elements just kept presenting themselves and it IS bluebell time so  perhaps I should just go with that...
It's not a great revelation if you've read my blog for any length of time,  that I love gardening -  flowers, wild plants and picking a bunch of bluebells, wallflowers and random leaves is a good start to any morning.

As a gardener I do have a love-hate relationship with the bluebells in my own garden but at this time of year they are in flower and look GLORIOUS and  I love them ALL. I have tried to dig up some of the invasive and non-native bluebells  as they swamp EVERYTHING and are diluting the native stock (I have natives too) ....and replant  my wilder corners with native bulbs. However they're all out in bloom now and I have the most glorious blue mixture of bluebells - with just a hint of white bells and an odd rare pink, to add to the brew - I might as well give up the unequal fight and enjoy them all.

The place to see bluebells for me is Badbury Clump, just outside Faringdon in Oxfordshire. A very special, timeless  and ancient place. In another week the buds will all be full out and the scent will hang in the air - even this week the colour was intense, the scent just on the air, and the leaves of the beech unfurling with  the sharp citrus colour of first-opening making a striking contrast.

In case you've wondered - there has been some work going on  -  a  1/24th scale  group Georgian characters is getting ready to move out. In keeping with 'blue' - the nursemaid in her plain blue uniform cuddles the new baby and the lady of the house dressed in the new  fashionable hobble skirt in fabulous blue silk.  It was an interesting period (not only in fashion of course); with the onset of war hemlines rose and women became valued as essential workers. I'll bet that parlour maid went off to be a bus clippie!
I'll show you the other characters in the next Blog - by which time they'll  be in their new home.

Just a little more blue - a lovely blue sky above this super plane which appears to hang in the air near Wantage marking Grove technology park and commemorates R.A.F. Grove a wartime airfield. It's always a surprise as we drive up to it and just for once I had the camera with me.

Thank you for looking

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