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Saturday, May 18, 2013

On Being Inspired....

Last weekend, Kensington Dolls House Festival was certainly inspiring -  so many fabulous artisans in one place, and so many difficult choices to make when it came to deciding what to buy to take home.  If ever there was a day to win the lottery surely this was it!! All my chums there as traders were very cheerful so I hope that meant everyone had a really enjoyable and profitable couple of days.

Let's start on a WOW!!! Couldn't resist taking a picture of these fantastically flamboyant tulips!!!!

O.K. Now back to work and a photograph of a recently completed  1/24th scale Edwardian group - both upstairs and downstairs. I featured the lady of the house and the nursemaid in my last 'blue blog' but here  are the whole 'family'.

Going up a scale to 1/2th I've just finished a little girl in her pink pyjamas....a very special little girl who is having a lovely room box created specially for her.... 'Twinkle , Twinkle, Little Star....'   If you click HERE you'll find my mate Cellia Thomas of KTMiniatures who is taking time out to recreate a little childhood memory in a cardboard box. Read all about it and.....Enjoy.


 Thank you for looking.


Susan said...

The little girl in pink is quite simply adorable, such a sweet expression you've given her and I love her jamies, the bear is special too. Love seeing your little creations.

Fabiola said...

I like the little girl in pink pyjamas.
Bye, Faby

Steinworks said...

she's adorable!

Robin said...

Thank you all - I hope you've had a look at Celia's lovely room box too.
Her little teddy bear was a KDF purchase - I love him as well.

Elizabeth S said...

I love the little girl in the pink p.j's! She is perfect for the room box of "Twinkle twinkle little star!" Your work is delightful and I am smitten!