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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Dolly!

The display in the window of my local charity shop went all 'vintage' for a day or two, with some very nice old tins and even nicer old toys....very tempting. But it was Dolly,  marked 'Very Old' and missing a wooden arm (not to mention a rather stiff leg that needs a little attention), that caught my eye. I have rather a soft spot for small elderly, well loved and  dilapidated dolls, especially if they're inexpensive and likely to languish I bought her.

The second doll is one of my own, in 1/24th scale he's long overdue and at last heading for his new home.
He looks quite cosy in his longjohns and slippers, maybe there's a nice warm dressing gown waiting for him in Wales.

The last two three weeks have been particularly busy with our recent Underneath the Old Arbour workshop and the special commission I can't show you yet......and I'm trying to catch up with orders again. However immediately prior to this, some really difficult Real Life weeks meant all miniature work came to a halt for a while and we were sad to have to cancel our Showcase at Kensington Dolls House Fair.  It was such a privilege to be invited and Charlotte was so kind and understanding when we were obliged to pull out. I see that Coombe Crafts is still listed - so we're really sorry not to be there, but of course welcome any enquiries or interest in our work and hope to make it another time.
Meanwhile if you get the chance  please DO visit - it's a fabulous fair with truly wonderful miniature artists and artisans.

What with one thing and another....I don't think I actually pictured our finished 'Arbour' protypes, so in 1/12th and 1/24th scales on our new posh pink workshop tablecloths, here they are.  
We've also done a bit of spring cleaning on our Nostalgia In Miniature website (well O.K., Celia does all the techno-stuff) so that the galleries are full of pictures from  all the different projects, details are there for the next workshop 'Let's All Play in the Back Garden' on 1st September  - booking is brisk for this one -  and first news of our winter workshop.............
.......................'Oh No It Isn't....Oh Yes It Is'.

Thank you for looking.


Fabiola said...

Your Arbour protypes are wonderful!
Bye, Faby

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Hi Robin, Love these little arbours. Your birds would love to visit. I have featured the birds you made for me last year over on my own blog! So pretty. Carol :)

Robin said...

Thank you Faby - and Carol, I've just seen your own posting Carol. We had such a good time with these pretty arbours and all the individual projects were so lovely and stll very individual. Your comments are so appreciated.