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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Sun Shines.... and we have cows!

At last!! The sun has been shining - about time! I nipped out with the camera to capture the quirky animals lurking in Thame...around every corner it seems.  O.K. They aren't real, but such fun they make everyone smile as we wonder where they'll turn up next.

We have cows......and they move around the town - you just never know where one is going to turn up next....

....and now we have a pig!! I love where someone has chosen to place it - really a laugh out loud moment!

They're the nicest advertising gimic I've seen.

As it was such a nice day we took off for a day out in Oxford and practically the first thing we spotted was.....yep the Oxfordshire Ox near the railway station. A super proper bronze sculpture this one!! It's the
Oxford Ox by Olivia Musgrave. I LOVE Oxford!!

If you are wondering why there's no mention of miniatures it's because the commission I've been working on has yet to be delivered - I think it's pretty special - but can't talk about it yet........ 

A little mention of my spring garden with a picture of a lovely patch of Ipheon - the Spring Star.

Thanks for looking

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Fat girls don't get French said...

The cows are part of Thame's Equipment Bank to help promote the service and raise the profile of Thame.

We are desperate to populate the website (which is ran voluntarily) with lots of photos. Is it possible to use these two you have taken and make sure we name you as the owner of them?