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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Bit Of An Update......

I 'update' on a regular basis - which mostly takes the form of making a list, crossing things out and making another.......then doing it all again.......

However, if you followed my moan about the P.O. and the unacceptable delay in a box of characters arriving at their a new home in Australia in my last blog, I can report they've arrived!  Huge thanks to Susan Monro for letting me know so swiftly and for the wonderful photographs.

Susan sent a number of pictures which she has also posted on her blog together with a witty and wonderful tarradiddle about their adventures. I won't attempt to compete but suggest you whizz over to her Blog, and while you're there check out her exquisite miniature crochet work.

Here's just one featuring the horse-mad teenage girl I made for her. I love the stable setting - and know that all the characters in her now large 'family' look equally at home.  Thanks Susan.

I thoroughly enjoyed my jaunt to Miniatura on Sunday - it seemed much quieter than usual. As always, there were wonderful original miniatures to drool over and it's a terrific opportunity to see quality artisans as well as catch up with chums.  I did have a little spend and amongst other bits and bobs, brought home two beautiful little bears by Shoebutton Bears.

                                                     Don't you just love 'em!!

I've been saying for....ages....that I would update the 1/48th scale Illustrated List which is on the side bar, just over there >>>>>  Finally I've done it!!!!

Weather update.....rushed back  from a day or two away to an Urgent Frost Warning from the T.V. weather men. Grabbed all the unripe green tomatoes, picked all the annual flowers and dragged inside fuschia and geraniums.

Outcome - no frost at all, but huge vases of 'mixed' flowers to cheer us up as it seems to have rained ever since!!

Thanks for looking, and a warm welcome to New Followers.


Susan said...

Oh, your little bears are divine

Thanks again for the lovely people you've made for me over the last 18 months, I'm in love with every one of them.

elvira said...

Bellissime foto!!! L' orsetto e' adorabile!

Wyrna Christensen said...

The two bears look so cute.

Fabiola said...

Your small bears are adorable.
Bye Faby

Robin said...

They are some of the most adorable littl bears I've seen - glad you all like them too.

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

These little bears are to die for! Love them! Natalia

TeenyTinyThings said...

Just love those bears!!!! wow, one really can find some beautiful minis out there when one has a mind to.
Gill x