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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where Have We Got To?

That's a question and a half isn't it?
Well...Celia and I, wearing our Nostalgia in Miniature hats, are back to work after an enforced break and busy putting together the kits for the next workshop and working ahead on the Full Day  'Christmas' workshop on November 24th here in Thame. It has the very snappy title of When Father Papered the Parlour....the week before Christmas. If you're 40+ you might recognise it as an old music hall song title...and if you're really intrigued you can listen to the song and have a giggle, read all about the workshop and also download a Booking form by looking at our website - all the details are there. Our latest Blog is also up (nice pictures) - just click on Latest News from the website.

Where have you got to - two little 1/12th people heading for Australia to join the rest of their miniature family?  I was going to do a rant about the Post Office who take the money and advertise a 6 day delivery aim for Airsure......two weeks later.....but I've done it before.... Grrrr!
I was nearly going to put up a picture....but it's a shame to spoil the surprise Susan!

It's Miniatura this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing the work of exceptional miniaturists - and hope everyone has a really good weekend. So where have chums at Miniatura got to??

My friends at Model Village Miniatures have been in the same place for so long we all go onto auto-pilot. But they've moved to a new position. Look for them on HI.  They have a wonderful selection of precision furniture kits in 1/12th and 1/24th scale - easy to put together and really reasonable prices, and lovely unique knitted toys and squashy, sofas. Some of my 1/24th characters always go along to sit on the furniture and cuddle the toys.

Julie Campbell has changed her name!! No, not really - but she has changed her trading name from Bellabelle Dolls to Julie Campbell - Doll Artist.  It's a good move - she is an artist and her stand is HJ - I'm looking forward to seeing her wonderful characters. Otherwise, this time I must really take the opportunity to look at new stands and not spend the time chatting to friends who will all do well I hope.

I like pictures in my Blog .....absolutely nothing to do with anything..........

And now, I've got to sculpt some characters for lovely customers and go and see my brand new Granddaughter.

Thanks for looking.


Susan said...

The errant migrants have arrived this very morning! I'm still unsure Fag Ash Lil and the Vicar didn't skive off together for some private time ;) Mini-Graff has settled down with a cuppa and is playing chess with James George, teenage rider is getting to know her mount already.

Wonderful Robin, beyond all hopes or expectations, love 'em to bits.

KT Miniatures said...

Glad the above arrived in the end, what a relief. Can we see some photos of these little treasures now Robin? I have heard a lot about them! Hahaha...Fag Ash Lil and the Vicar skiving off together.....the mind boggles!!!!lol

Robin said...

What a relief!!!!! Thanks Sus.
First pics. have arrive from due course Celia.