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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Speeding to Easter!!

A few days ago it did look as we we might be having a lovely sunny snow is putting in a late appearance. I suppose that's why British weather is often described as 'variable'!! I'll wait and see and get on with some 1/24th characters!!

First up - hence the 'speeding' reference in the title of this blog - are another couple in an ongoing set of fascinating commissions of 1/24th scale 1920s racing car drivers and spectators. The rather strange appearance of the driver is because his face is entirely covered with a mask to protect him against stones from the surface of track being thrown up into his face as he raced around. The sport had a huge following in these early years - as it does now - the spectator is probably a friend I think.

Sadly I am still working in a muddle - the fisherman, also in 1/24th scale, and complete with rod and tackle bag was frantically trying to escape being impaled on my pincushion.......I cropped the looked much worse...I am working on the muddle!!

Is there are prettier wild flower than the violet?? She's the perfect herald of spring and and a simple little flower.
I encourage them in my informal cottage-style garden and I hope you'll all accept this photograph as my Easter Best Wishes to you all - wherever you are and however you are spending the coming weekend - have a lovely few days!!

Thank you for looking.


Ascension said...

Unos maravillosos personajes.
Simepre me asombran tus trabajos.
Felices Pascuas.
besitos ascension

Drora's minimundo said...

Wonderful characters. I like the fisherman with his fishing equipment.
Happy Eastern and hugs

Robin said...

Thank you ladies - have a lovely, lovely weekend!!

Dave Williams said...

Love the racing driver and the fisherman Robin.
Nice work.

Jean Tuthill said...

I love the racing driver and the fisherman is so precious! Your little creations are fantastic. Hope your Easter was happy. Love the violets, too!