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Monday, April 30, 2012

I Need to Have a Rant!!!

Really my Blog is all about Miniatures...with the occasional bit of gardening thrown in...... a 'small maker' and on behalf of all U.K. 'small makers' I do need to positively blow my top at the HORRENDOUS increase in our U.K. Postal Charges from today!!!

The Post Office must have a death wish!!!!!

As if it wasn't enough to raise charges so that hardly any of us will be able to afford to post Christmas cards ....even second class...

Before the previous rise in charges I was able to post a doll for 36p  (a first class letter stamp) - and added a little for packaging. It leapt to an incredible £1.58!! A little was added for bubble wrap etc.- which costs money sadly.
Having eventually tracked down the new charges I trotted to the P.O. today as I thought my eyes must be deceiving me.
NO - the same tiny package (under 100g) - which might only have contents worth £12-£25 will now cost £2.70  to POST!!!!!

All of us who trade in this 'small' market and in any case keep our costs to the minimum, are beside ourselves.  We can only hope that people are understanding enough and appreciate our work enough to be prepared to pay.
Rant Over!!!

On a brighter note - we had LOVELY  'Little Vintage Hall' Workshop yesterday, despite the dreadful weather. Thank you to all who braved the shockingly wet journeys. We have pictures - still in cameras - and we have the next in the series open for booking on our website. It's filling fast. We are calling our second project 'The Little Vintage Hall - The Other Room'. The clue's in the title!!

I promise the next Blog, won't be a rant, and will have pictures!!
Thank you for looking.


Dragonfly said...

You have a rant if it makes you feel better Robin. The new post office charges are crazy. I take part, or should say I use to take part in a lot of online crafting swaps, well now the new postal costs have virtually put a stop to that. These new costs will effect many in the crafting communities.

Your dolls and miniatures are lovely though Robin and I'm sure your regulars won't mind paying the cost for your work.

J x

Debie Lyons said...

Rant away Robin I do it often enough and I agree with you. I send my stuff recorded and international signed for tis a pain. Glad to hear that the workshop was a success.


Debie xxx

Mary Williams said...

I agree totally with your rant Robin, I posted 3 dolls and a couple of patterns today and it cost £13.50!
Not only that they have just closed our village Post Office so it means a drive now to post anything. I really hope some bright young thing comes up with an alternative.
Glad your workshop went well.

Sandra Morris said...

What a coincidence! I've just posted a very similar rant on my blog Robin...we must both be psychic!!!

On a brighter note.. well done on your workshop at the weeekend. Good to know that the weather didn't put too much of a damper on things.


Eileen Sedgwick said...

You are so right Robin...I also feel very sorry for those who sell lots of bits and bobs of small value as it will cost as much p&p as goods soon which is bound to hit them really hard.

Love these tiny 24th figures!! xxx

KT Miniatures said...

Robin....judging by similar rants from many of us on our individual blogs....we all feel the same and many of us are going to be affected.

Dave Williams said...

Rant on Robin, I think everyone will agree with you, everyone who sends anything via Royal Mail is going to suffer, unfortunately there's no alternative.
Glad the workshop went well.

Robin said...

Thanks for your comments guys - I suppose it's good to see us all singing from the same song sheet - and particularly nice to have heard from customers today who say they completely understand what a tough one this is for those of us who are 'small' artisans.