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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Changing Scales!

As you'll know if you Follow or pop into this Blog - I create my character dolls in the most popular scales - 1/12th, 1/24th and 1/48th. Every now and again I'm asked to shift scales into 1/16th...and I enjoy the occasional change.

This was a scale popular in Dolls Houses when I was growing up in the 1950s - which now makes them (and me) 'vintage'! So I'm guessing that my latest Fag Ash Lil' - a character you've met before in 1/12th and 1/24th scales - is perhaps destined for a vintage abode. Here she is just ready for a spot of spring cleaning!!

I know there's enormous interest in these fascinating old houses and the furniture and accessories that go with them, from my friend Celia Thomas, who runs KT Miniatures. Not only does she source and supply hard to find genuine vintage treasures but she also creates a wonderful selection of original but authentic and aged looking artefacts and ephemera that can be combined with the vintage pieces and her own rooms boxes that evoke past times. From time to time we collaborate as my character dolls also seem to fit very well in these real vintage houses and her unique settings.

I'm always happy to adapt to an appropriate scale or create a character for a specific setting and although Fag Ash Lil', Bless her, has been around for a long time, she's always an original and individual sculpt and no two are every quite the same! Sorry - she doesn't come in 1/48th scale!!!!

There were such striking cloud formations the other evening I rushed out with my camera - I couldn't help thinking that as the annniversary of the sinking of The Titanic nears, they looked like huge icebergs rising from the roof tops.

Thank you for looking.


Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Muy simpáticas :)

Minnie Kitchen said...

I love change too! It always feels like I'm doing something different when working on a different scale!

Ascension said... has hecho sonreir con esas simpaticas "señoras", con la fregona y el cigarrillo jejeje
Me encantan por lo original y fantasticas que te han quedado.
besitos ascension

Sandra Morris said...
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Sandra Morris said...

Love the scale comparison. My very first doll's house was 1/16th so I remember it well.


Robin said...

Many thanks for all your comments. I'm glad you found it interesting to take a look across the scales - of course, nothing is cast in stone and it's surprising what you can pinch from one scale to use with another!
You're not nearly vintage yet Sandra!

Christine said...

It's interesting seeing the different personality in each scale (although of course each doll would have it's own personality too) Your largest doll seems to have a grandmotherly benevolence about her, while the smallest isn't about to let the world walk over her!

isabelle said...

Elles sont très réussies "vos petites bonnes femmes"!!!!