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Friday, February 10, 2012

Talskiddy...Harlyn.....Worlds End

A decade or so ago we lived in the beautiful county of Cornwall where the wonderfully quirky old cottages - which seem to grow out of the landscape itself - inspired me to create my own whenever I could spare time from doll making.

The distinctive and unique round houses of Veryan are very special and I've created a number of my own round cottages in 1/24th scale over the years, inspired by them. Last year I finally got around to a 'Veryan cottage' in 1/48th scale - my little people have to have somewhere to live - and was delighted that it actually found a new home back in the South West.

So in between dolls and Workshops and life in general I've built three more little 1/48th cottages in the same style, which will be on sale first at The Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair next Saturday - 18th February.

Talskiddy is whitewashed and more traditional, while Harlyn and Worlds End, with a pretty thatched porch, have a natural stone effect finish - all are whitewashed inside and have a curvy set of old stone stairs to the upper floor. I enjoy adding just a little in the way of a garden and of course pretty climbers on the front walls. Naturally they all come with a resident cat!

All my cottages have open backs, and the little thatched roofs lift off. If you'd like to see bigger pictures - just click on the image.
Now all I have to do is finish making some 1/48th people this weekend to live in them. These too will be on sale at the fair along with their bigger cousins in other scales.

Thank you for looking.


Julie said...

These little cottages are absolutely gorgeous! I think the whitewashed one is my favourite. It's a shame that Thame is so far away (or perhaps a good thing!!)

Georgie Steeds said...

These are fabulous, can't wait to see them in the flesh next weekend!

Fabiola said...

These little cotages are fabulous.
Bye Faby

Robin said...

I'm so glad you like them - I love making them...not enough hours in the day I'm afraid. Georgie's provide me with some super material that are the 'leaves' on the climbing rose.

Mags Cassidy said...

Oh they are dead cute...looking forward to seeing them!

Mary Williams said...

They are gorgeous Robin can't wait to see them for real x