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Monday, February 20, 2012

Coombe Crafts - Estate Agent!!

Alright - that is a bit of a joke.....each Thame Fair we try to showcase some new items, apart from the ever-changing character dolls who are never, ever the same. This time it was mostly 1/48th scale and I previewed some in the last week or so on the Blog.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything sold?? It can't of course, although we had a very successful and lovely day.Over the next Blog or two I'll feature items now on sale.

Two tiny 1/48th cottages are now available - Talskiddy and Harlyn.
Both are on an MDF base measuring 6" wide and 5 1/4" deep. Each cottage is just under 4" diameter and is approximately 5 1/2" high (including the base) without the roof. The little thatched roof pops on like a lid giving easy access to the upper floor, and brings the total height (to the top of the peak) to approximately 8".
Inspired by the 19th century thatched round houses in the village of Veryan in Cornwall, each is hand-built and unique.

The interior design is the same in each: a tiny curved staircase, flagstone ground floor and floorboarded upper floor. Each cottage is surrounded by a narrow garden and has a cat that lives in!

Harlyn - the exterior is a natural stone effect and clinging to the front wall is a beautiful yellow Laburnum (Golden Chain) climbing shrub. Harlyn is priced at £80

Talskiddy - the outside of this little cottage features the traditional 'whitewash' finish and has 5 traditional curved topped windows. Purple Wisteria is the climbing shrub that clads the front wall. Talskiddy is priced at £85

If you'd like more details or are considering purchase please email me.
By the way - legend has it that the houses were round so the Devil had no corners to hide in!!

Thank you for looking.


Ascension said...

Es absolutamente maravillosa y ademas redonada para que el dibalo no tenga donde esconderse (me ha encantado)
besitos ascension

Drora's minimundo said...

Fabulous cottage. A very unusual form. I love it.

Fabiola said...

Wonderful cottage.
Bye Faby

Mary Williams said...

Having seen them in real life Robin I can only repeat 'Gorgeous' x

Robin said...

Thank you all - Drora, Ascension, Faby and it was lovely to see you on Saturday Mary - wish we'd had more time to chat.
'Harlyn' has now been sold and will be going to a 'good home' - lovely.