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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring ..... Furniture Sale

Let's start with Spring - anything to banish the gloom of the recent soggy days - and then move on to a HALF PRICE Sale of 1/12th furniture!

Here's the Spring bit...... today was sunny and the Hellebores are coming out in my garden - I have loads - I love them. They're really not happy indoors in water, but I always pick one or two and pop them up to their necks in a little pot. This one is photographed in front of an old and much loved oil painting of indeterminent age that sits frameless on a shelf.

Now to the furniture. I think I've said before that as we concentrate more these days on smaller scales, we could do with freeing up some space. We shall always be happy to make both dolls and furniture in 1/12th scale if you let us know what you're looking for, and enjoy working to specific commissions, but we shall carry less in stock.
So...bargain time. All the pieces are individually and beautifully hand crafted - many in an Arts and Crafts or Mackintosh style.

Here are a couple of really arty-crafty chairs - although barrel chairs have been around much longer. The square Mackintosh style 'throne' chair is only £5 now and the barrel £7.50.

Two lovely tables - the bigger one, 'Mackintosh Altar Table' has a tiny drawer that runs all the way through and opens on both sides. This piece is now £14.
The side table is a an original design and would look at home in both a modern and period setting. This one is now only £10.

The Tudor style chest - a timeless chest with simple decoration on the panels - just £12.50.

The Mackintosh 'Argyle' chair is a familiar and well loved piece of furniture. This pair are now reduced to £10 each.
The pretty long-case clock is a 'Grandmother Clock' - it too is £10. Nope - it doesn't work!

If you you'd like more details or are interested in purchasing any of the above pieces please email me. I will put up a few more next week, but in the meantime if you email, I'm happy to let you know what else will be going in the sale.

Thanks for looking.


Eliana said...

Beautiful furniture!

Drora's minimundo said...

I love these furniture pieces. Great work!

Dave Williams said...

Love the tables, so intricate, nice work.

Susan Johnson said...

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