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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Workshop Sunday ....and a Little Video!

It was SUCH a hot day on Sunday.....and though we all sweltered in the heat, and the paints and glues practically dried as we squirted them from the was a super day!!

Twenty lovely, enthusiastic and creative ladies joined us for our first workshop, 'Over the Little Garden Fence' and - to judge by the kind remarks and the feed-back they left - enjoyed it as much as we did.
It would be fair to say Celia and I felt a little nervous and rusty - it's been a while since workshops on this scale for either of us - but Hey - we're looking forward to the next one now!

So thanks to our 'students', and help on the day from some special people, and for the contributions that raised over £44 for Breast Cancer Campaign.

We hope you'll enjoy our little video - details here for future workshops - or go to our website if you'd like to see pictures from the workshop itself as well.

In a day or two I'll post details of some of the new garden items pictured here in recent weeks that are for sale.
Thank you for looking.

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